Misdiagnosed Ectopic

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Misdiagnosed Ectopic

Postby swolladad » Mon Oct 22, 2007 11:02 pm

My nightmare started early last week when I went to the OB for my 8 wk appt. I was so excited to see my baby for the first time. When the dr did the ultrasound he said there was no baby in my uterus that it was probably ectopic. I was devasted! I cried all day long. He did my labs also and said my hcg was 17K which was too high and definately indicitive of an ectopic pregnancy. I couldn't accept this. The OB said he wanted me to take an injection to abort the baby, but I said I needed to think about it first. My husband and I talked at length for days and I kept telling him that I know my baby is not in the tubes and that my hcg was probably high because I was having twins. I was reaching for any other explaination at this point. My uterus is tilted considerbly. My hcg was repeated in two days and had risen to 25K. My doctor called again and urged me to take the shot before the ectopic ruptured. I asked what the chances were that he just could not see the baby since my uterus is tilted and he said about 1%. He stated he was 99% sure it was ectopic. I just could not accept this. I went to get a second opinion three days ago and after about 20 minutes of searching by transab sonogram, lo and behold, there my sat at the top of my uterus! The heartbeat was 161. A few minutes later, another bundle of joy appeared sitting side by side this baby with a heartbeat of 148. Twins! So that's why my hcg level is so high. So ladies, if your gut tells you the baby or babies in my case are alright, do hesitate to listen to your doctor. Doctors are only human, they do make mistakes!
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Postby Kay » Tue Oct 23, 2007 7:26 pm

Wow, 17,000 does seem awfully high to diagnose ectopic. I am in no way an expert but just based on women I've talked to here and through emails, seems like by that time a tube has burst already.

It's so tricky waiting out an ectopic diagnosis because that can end very badly but seems to me you knew what you were doing.

Congratulations! Please keep us updated on your two little bundles of joy!
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Postby delhiseema » Tue Oct 23, 2007 11:14 pm

swolladad.........thats great news......goodluck to you guys.......

Last yr when i was pregnant my HCG was too high too but my obgyn said that some people have high hcg and for some it does not double at all.......i was getting 2 ultrasounds per week coz i was spotting .but then in the 9w ultrasound we were told that there were twins.........i had a hunch from the start of the pregnancy that there were twins...women just know stuff like this..i have no explanation why and how....so ur wife dear was right.......i'm very happy for you.....

......stay off your feet for first 3 months....doctors dont tell you that but twins is high risk pregnancy....i wish i had listened to my mom instead of the doctor who told me to keep working.......i was told at 10wks that there is no heartbeat anymore..........
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