My "blighted ovum" turns 3 this weekend!

Have you had a misdiagosed miscarriage? Please share your stories here.

My "blighted ovum" turns 3 this weekend!

Postby lee6009 » Fri Jun 08, 2007 2:47 pm

I came across your website while doing research for my current pregnancy with baby #2 and I thought I'd share my story about my son who will turn 3 years old this weekend!
During my first OB appt. after my positive pregnancy test, I informed my OB that I had some mild spotting prior to the date I would have started my period. As a precaution, she decided to do a TV ultrasound. I was 5 1/2 weeks pregnant. During the u/s the tech was very quiet and told me that the doctor would come in to tell me the results. My OB told me that they couldn't see anything in the sac, but it could still be early and to do a repeat scan in one week. At 6 1/2 weeks I did another TV scan and they still did not see anything in the sac. She called me and my husband into her office and said that it appears to be a blighted ovum. I could go ahead and schedule a D&C or we could do my HCG levels and possibly another scan based on those results. I was told that miscarriage was highly likely and it could be anytime. I was devastated. I think I lived in confinement that entire week. I did opt to have my HCG levels done and they showed a rise, but my OB said they weren't as rapid as she would like to see. She agreed to another TV scan. I went in to the scan (7 1/2 weeks) praying to God that we would see something and that maybe this was all a bad dream. The same u/s tech we had been seeing was very solemn and my heart was in my stomach the entire time. As soon as she got a visual of the sac, I could see a heartbeat and I yelled out "is that a heartbeat?!". She said, "yes!" and sounded surprised!
We promptly switched OB offices. My new OB was shocked that they had offered a D&C so quickly. She even gave me another u/s just for peace of mind! I delivered a healthy baby boy on June 10th, 2004. We're having a great big bug party and I'm blessed to have him every single day. I am often on other forums and see women in similar situations and I urge every single one of them to have repeat scans! It may not be the same outcome, but it's worth it if it is.
I, too, learned that I have a marked tilted uterus and I feel this also contributed to the late visual of my son. With my current (and second) pregnancy, they were able to get a visual of the baby at 5w5d. We go back next week to hear the heartbeat. I pray we get to for peace of mind, but I will insist on a repeat scan if we don't!

Good luck to everyone!
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Postby WKG24 » Sun Jun 10, 2007 8:33 pm

THat is a great story..thank you for sharing! I am sure it will bring encouragement to alot of women here going through uncertainty..and possibly help some women to make the right decisions for themselves concerning their pregnancies.

Thanks again and happy birthday to your "blighted ovum!"
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