my misdiagnosed miscarriage

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my misdiagnosed miscarriage

Postby eilla05 » Thu Dec 14, 2006 1:20 am

So a few weeks ago I went to the ER because I was spotting brown blood but in small amounts. They did a transvag Ultrasound and didnt really see anything but a sac. They said it was possible I was not as far along as I thought and to go see my doc.

3 days later I went to my OB to see what was going on (6weeks). He did an exam my cervix was closed then I was sent to get B-HCG on 2 different days. It only went up about 4000 in two days. Then he decided to do a transvag ultrasound. During the exam all he saw was a sac. He then told me that they baby just didnt grow and that I should or could have a d&C done. Something told me to wait so I told him I would call tomorrow with my decision.

That night I did research on the net and came across this site as well as others that said the doc could be wrong. So the next day I told him I was going to wait it out.

Fast Forward to two weeks later. I went to the doc today not knowing what to expect as nothing has happened at home except the brown blood stopped after a week. But there was no new blood. He then told me that it was possible my body reabsorbed what ever was in there. But he would do a ultrasound to be sure.

Well when he did (a transvag) he pulled it out quickly and then started loooking at my chart. Then he put it in again and I couldnt see the screen so I said is there a baby in there? And he said YES!

The little bean is there and measured 8 weeks which is what I should have been yesterday so it is right on target with my LMP. We also saw the heart beating on the screen!! And I could tell that my sac had grown. You could see the heart beat so perfect. The doc has never ever seen this he said and I said well now you have.

SO I hope someone reads this and decides to wait it out a bit to see what happens. I was misdiagnosed! My little bean is looking perfect!
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Postby Meg » Thu Dec 14, 2006 1:28 am

:)8 Praise the LORD Ella how wonderful for you!!!! Please keep us posted as to your progress throughout your pregnancy as you will surely be an inspiration to other and an excellent example on how the Lord speaks to us and we need to listen to that little voice in our heads telling us to WAIT! God Bless you hun and I will keep you and your sticky little bean in my prayers.
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