My not so blighted ovum

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My not so blighted ovum

Postby tera999 » Wed May 24, 2006 6:52 pm

Hi, I wanted to share my story because I feel this is really important. I have a history of miscarriages and preterm labor. I'm always a high risk pregnancy but this one has been wild even for me. I'm currently 17 weeks into my 4th pregnany and hoping it will become my 2nd child. At 8 weeks, I had an ultrasound that showed an empty amnionic sac and told I would likely miscarry soon. Fortunately for me, since I have such a history of preterm labor and incompetent cervix anyway, my OB/gyn didn't want to do a D&C unless absolutely necessary. I was told to go home and wait and go to the hospital when the bleeding started. My doctor told me that as long as I didn't develop a fever or other symptoms we could wait several weeks before considering a D&C. I had a follow up appointment the following week. In the meantime I got an HCG blood test and then another 2 days later. When I went for my follow up the following week, I found that my first test showed my HCG at 80,000 and the second test showed 76,000. My doctor decided to do a follow up ultrasound and after a few seconds she said "Oh, my God, there's a baby in there. That explains why your levels are so high" She poked around for probably 20 minutes. The baby measured appropriately for its gestational age, had a strong heartbeat and everything looked good. I'm now 17 weeks and counting and I share my story with anyone who will listen. If I can save one woman from accidentally aborting a live baby, all of the stress of this experience will be worth it. After a little thought and a little research I do believe I have a tilted uterus. During my last actual miscarriage I had an ultrasound. The tech was new and couldn't find my uterus so she had to get someone more experienced. My OB/gyn agrees that the most likely explanation is that my uterus is tipped and we were seeing the edge of the sac instead of all of it. She said that the week we waited probably gave the baby and my uterus enough time to grow and change positions so the baby was visible. So I would encourage anyone being faced with a blighted ovum diagnosis to not agree to a D&C until you are absolutely beyond any shadow of a doubt positive there is no baby in there! There is nothing to lose by waiting and everything to gain by being sure.
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and my not so blighted ovum 17 weeks pregnant and counting edd 11-2-06
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Postby Kay » Wed May 24, 2006 11:38 pm

Oh Tera, your story just gives me chills because like you, at eight weeks, we couldn't see a baby and they were sure I was going to miscarry.

Although some women see their babies later, nine weeks does seem to be a 'magical' date as far as finally seeing the baby in a tilted uterus. That is why I believe no doctor should even mention a blighted ovum until week nine and then, still, monitor for a week or two at the least to see what is happening in there. When I hear of women having d&c's before nine weeks for a blighted ovum, there is always such a big, "What if?"

God bless you and your little one...what a blessing. Thank you for sharing your great news.
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Postby desrtrose37 » Tue Jun 06, 2006 12:07 pm

Hi Tera,
I just wanted to say that your story gives me so much hope. I've posted a week or so ago in the new friends section but you sound so similar to me...I am high risk, history or early miscarriage, preterm labor, incompetent cervix...didnt even think I could get pregnant on my own! (add history of infertility to my resume) but here I did, went to first appt at what I thought was 10 weeks...had an ultrasound done and they only found a gestational sac measuring 7 wks, 2 days. That in itself didnt concern me as my periods are sporadic and not regular by far but the fact that he didnt find the baby did. I was asked to come back in a week for a second ultrasound. Well I didnt go...its been 2 1/2 weeks now and I have an appt this friday which will be three weeks from the first appt. I guess I just wasent ready to hear it was *final* and was only hearing the bad possible outcome. But as more and more time goes by and I still have pregnancy symptoms old ones and NEW ones I am regaining hope.

I pray I have a miraculous wonderful outcome this friday.

Anyway this got long...I just wanted to let you know that reading your story gave me some additional renewed hope for my baby. And we're about neighbors too *smile* I live in Laughlin.
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Postby Mom In Waiting » Tue Jun 06, 2006 5:11 pm

Tera ,
Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful story! I am, however so sorry for your previous losses, but sooo happy to hear that you are doing so well this time around! What a miracle story of hope for anyone seeking it! I feel exactly the same way, that if I can only help one woman to hold on to hope, it's well worth it! Someone needs to inform women out there of the things their dr.'s won't! Congratulations and keep up the great updates!!! Keep us posted in the future! Cyndi

I am hoping and praying that the time you have waited showes you that miracle as well. Know that you remain in my thoughts and prayers. Please let us know what happens when you can. hugs, Cyndi E> :H
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so happy for u

Postby kbweeden » Fri Aug 31, 2007 6:40 pm

your story gives me so much hope. i was told i was going to miscarry at 7 weeks (which was tues, i thought i was 9 wks because of my lmp). they saw the gestational and yolk sac but nothing else. i've been mourning since i found out as if i have already miscarried. they didnt even give me any bloodtest or another ultrasound appointment, as if they already knew i would miscarry. i hope and pray my story ends up being a miracle likes yours....congrats :H
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Postby nicole729 » Tue Nov 17, 2009 8:47 pm

Even though this was a while back I wanted to say how wonderful your preg. story was to hear! I pray for the same outcome. God Bless!
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