Misdiagnosed much too early by hedr22

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Misdiagnosed much too early by hedr22

Postby misdiagnosed » Tue Feb 15, 2005 9:51 pm

originally posted by hedr22 10/25/2004

I was diganoised with a b/o at only 5 weeks 5 days, they said their was not fetal pole or yolk sac, I left the hospital that day in shambles! I couldn't beleive that there wasn't a baby there. I spent all week looking into Blighted Ovums, and came to find this group. I learned that 5 weeks 5 days was way to early to tell me if I had a b/o or not. I went in for my next appt on Thursday (exactly One week later) there we saw the yolk sac and the baby's heart beating away!! It was the most amazing experience..
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Re: Misdiagnosed much too early by hedr22

Postby gemlou86 » Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:47 pm


such a lovely story to hear, i was diagnosed with a blighted ovum 4 days ago, i have 2 go back for another scan in 2 days time. i have been so upset a me and my partner have been trying for 3 years. i am hoping that i have been misdiagnosed as the sac was measuring at 6-7 weeks and they said the scans wasnt very clear.. your story has given me a little bit of hope,

thank you
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