Higher HCG's, empty sac by LilPippi1

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Higher HCG's, empty sac by LilPippi1

Postby misdiagnosed » Tue Feb 15, 2005 9:38 pm

Originally posted by LilPippi 1 12/26/2004

Hi everyone! This site has so encouraging for me. I started spotting on Wednesday night it was very light and brown. I called my Dr, and she wanted me to come in the next morning. Well seeing as we had about 20 inches of snow the next day, my Dr. office was closed. She had me go over to the hospital to have one of her Dr. friends perform an ultrasound. She did the ultrasound, but all they saw was the gestational sac, no baby :( She mentioned that it might be a blighted ovum or that I am only around 5wks pregnant. But acording to my last period I should be about 8wks. But then again my cycles are always messed up so that may be the case. That is what we are hoping! They took blood to check my hcg levels, and I was around 16,000. Which they said was encouraging. They want me to go to the doctor tomorrow for another hcg check, and a possible ultrasound. The hospital also mentioned that their ultrasound machine wasn't the best, and that it could be that too. We are keeping our fingers crossed, and hoping for the best. We are already attached to this baby, and it would just devistate us! I have also read that a lot of times when they can't see anything yet it is because of a tilted pelvis? I have never been told that I have one, but I am going to ask my Dr tomorrow. Wish us luck!


Follow up posted by LilPippi1 12/28/2004

Well, it seems that all your guys thoughts and prayers have paid off for us! We had our second ultrasound today and there is a fetal pole and a very stronge heartbeat! We are so excited! My cycle must have been off, because according to the measurement I am 6w 4d today! I wish the rest of you the best of luck and that your outcome is as postive as ours!! Keep me posted Misty on your u/s results from the doctor. If I remember right you go tomorrow for your dr visit?

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