Hello...my misdiagnosed story

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Hello...my misdiagnosed story

Postby MelissaIvy » Wed Sep 21, 2005 3:53 pm

Just over 4 years ago DH and I found out I was pregnant. The next day I began to bleed and have cramps. An U/S at the hospital said I was miscarrying and to go home and put my feet up. I didn't m/c. Then another U/S said I had but it was incomplete. They sceduled a D&C and I said no and switched doctors. 7.5 months later my beautiful 1st child, a daughter, was born. It makes me feel sick to think what if I had lstened to the doctors.
2 years later DH and I had another healthy DD with no problems. Now I find myself in the same situtation as with DD#1. Same time line and everything. I have had 4 U/S and yesterday they said there was no heartbeat and I would m/c. The OB set up and D&C for this morning and I actually went thinking he was right (I has expressed my concern regarding DD#1s misdiagnosis) I was wheeled into the OR and someone went to put a needle into my hand and I FREAKED out, said no way and that I was leaving.
So I left. OB was very kind and said he thinks it would be best for me if it happens for it to be naturally and to call him in 2 weeks if it doesn't.
Now I am left with some serious conflicting feelings. My whole family thinks I am nutts and should have had the D&C (not DH though) but I feel the "what ifs" are weighing very heavily on me.
I am so stressed about this.
Thanks for reading.
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Postby Roz05 » Wed Sep 21, 2005 4:33 pm

Hello Melissa,

I'm so sorry to hear that you have to go through this! I definitely think you should wait it out until you are 100% postivie. I would even suggest letting your body miscarry naturally if that is what it is going to do. My theory is that as long as you haven't miscarried yet then there is still hope, so just continue to pray and have faith.

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Postby rogue0208 » Wed Sep 21, 2005 7:10 pm

Hi Melissa,

I'm from the Apr. 06 group. I was very saddened by your post, but I am hopeful that this pg turns out the same way your 1st did. Good for you for standing up for what feel in your gut and good for your dr. and DH for supporting you. I look forward to hearing an update, whether it be good :pray: or bad :sad:

~Kim D.
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not sure

Postby treena » Thu Sep 22, 2005 8:20 pm

my lmp was august 4th 2005. i am supposed to be about 7 weeks pregnant.
first hcg levels
sept 8 505--they said was low for five weeks preg
sept 9 983--doubled in one day
sept 10 941--went down when i was in ER cramping no spotting. low potassium nad sodium
sept 11 973
sept 12 1305
sept16 2917
sept 21 3830
hcg doubling every 4-5 days. small black spot in uterurs possible fetal sac--only size of a two week pregnancy. cant be possible. my husband left 21st of august. they suspect an ectopic pregnancy...want to terminate. i don't want to be left in a bad situation with a tubal pregnancy.
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Postby Kay » Sat Sep 24, 2005 1:44 am

Melissa, congratulations on your first misdiagnosed baby. I truly hope you are misdiagnosed this time as well. Do you have a tilted uterus? If so, you are the perfect candidate for more than one misdiagnosis.

Keep us updated. Keeping you in prayer.
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Postby WKG24 » Wed Sep 28, 2005 2:53 pm

Melissa--your story of the first baby is a miracle! If I had gone through something similar, there would be no way I would have a D/C..just thinking that it might be the same as your first experience. Don't let your family convince you of anything that you can't convince yourself of. YOU have to be 100% positive of what is going on inside of you, regardless of what the US says, what the numbers say, what your family says. I remember making the same decision earlier this year about having a D/E done. The doctors were convinced for 2 weeks about the outcome, but I wasn't. Even my husband was leaning toward the D/E bc I am sure he was so tired and sad seeing me so upset. But it wasn't until I was ready to say okay to it...you just can't tell a mother what to do!

I am praying that you are feeling okay and that hopefully you have another successful misdiagnosed miscarriage story!

Let us know-
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