Slow rising HCG's, spotting, turned down D&C by Tao

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Slow rising HCG's, spotting, turned down D&C by Tao

Postby misdiagnosed » Tue Feb 15, 2005 9:11 pm

Originally posted by Tao 11/27/2004

Thank you for this board to bring us so many useful info and thanks for all nice women's encouragement, specially, Kim, your story and your words really bring me a lot of hope when I was very worried. I am in my 9th week pregnancy now. I am posting my story to hope bring some hope to you who are in same situation as mine now.

Actually, I was very worried from very beginning after I know I am pregnant, because I don't have all the symptoms of early pregnancy at all. So I called my OB when I was in my 5th week. he did an v-ultrasound for me. at that time, only see yolk sac, nothing more, no heartbeat also. My ob was feeling not positive and order a blood test to check my beta-HCG level. I did first blood test on Nov. 3rd, and second time on Nov. 5th. And 3 days later, I got result, they have not doubled, 12954 / 17095. My ob was very discouraged with my result and tell me a lot of story about miscarriage to try to comfort me. As you can image, I was so sad after coming back from ob's office. Almost at the same day, I found I have a little spotting, but no any pain. I really thought I was gonna to lose my baby at that moment. After bed rest, spotting stopped. And I happen to see Kim's post on this board, "my story", and I feel her story sounds like my own story and let me see a little hope. So I refused my ob's suggestion that I was scheduled D&C on Nov. 9 and decided to wait for one more week.

On Nov. 16, I see my ob again and he did another v-ultrasound for me to make sure if I was miscarried. Then this time, we saw baby's strong heartbeat. I and my husband was so exciting and ultrasound shows my baby was 7w4d. Thanks God! I can not remember what my ob said to me at that time due to such a great news and only remember he told me that you baby is fine, everything is normal now. come back to do regular check again after one month.

Now, I am in my 9th week. Although I still have a little bit spotting sometimes, I am not that worried now. I believe we all are in His hand, God will give me a heath baby.

This is my story and I hope it would bring you some hope. Thank you all and May God bless all of us!
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Re: Slow rising HCG's, spotting, turned down D&C by Tao

Postby lposter » Thu Oct 21, 2010 8:40 pm

I don't understand why doctors have their patients freaking out about low rising HCG scores over 6000. The medical literature says that over 6000, scores take an average of MORE than 96 hours to double-- not 48, not 72, and MORE than -- no upper limit. Can take as long as a 1000.
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