Bleeding, US at 4 weeks shows nothing, miscarriage diagnosed

Have you had a misdiagosed miscarriage? Please share your stories here.

Bleeding, US at 4 weeks shows nothing, miscarriage diagnosed

Postby Brooklynn'sMomma » Fri Aug 26, 2005 10:32 pm

Hello all~
I found this site by accident and I thought I'd share my story*I found out I was pregnant on 9.5.04 (Sunday) by an HPT*Three days later (Tuesday) on my youngest sons birthday I went to the ER with some bleeding, I guess it was more brown spotting at first but turned into blood after I got there*They took blood, urine, and did an U/S both abdominally and transvaginally*I was 4 weeks and 1 day pregnant...the bloodwork came back at a level of 700 something which the dr said was low, the urine showed a faint positive and the U/S showed nothing at all*The dr examined me internally and said my cervix was open so with all the above information he diagnosed me as having a miscarriage*He called the OB/GYN who had performed my D&C for a miscarriage 5 months prior and he told him that I would need a D&C this time also to prevent hemmoraging*I was devastated, I had stopped bleeding and I hadn't been cramping at all and having 7 miscarriages in the past I figured I pretty much knew what it felt like*I grieved but I was in denial and never really accepted that I had lost it*So I called a different OB/GYN to have my follow up appointment with and I'm glad I did*I talked to her nurse who had the OB call me back to talk to me*She told me that she wasnt convinced that I had miscarried and wanted me to go get blood drawn to check my HCG level agaihn...I went two days later (Thursday)*I saw the OB the day after that (Friday) and she said that not only did my HCG level go up but it more than quadrulped, from 700 something to 3000 something and that I might be having twins! WOW! Well I had an U/S 2 weeks later that confirmed that yes I was still pregnant and had not miscarried but there was only one baby*My theory, though I'll never know for sure, is that I had been pregnant with twins and the night at the ER was when I lost one of them, that would explain the open cervix, the bleeding and the quardupling of the HCG in 2 days*I now have a 3 month and 3 week old beautiful baby girl that I would not have had I listened to the dr and had that D&C*I can't stress enough, listen to your gut and if theres any doubt get a second opinion!
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Postby Kay » Fri Aug 26, 2005 10:39 pm

Thank you so much for sharing your story. Congratulations to you on your beautiful baby girl. She's a survivor, a miracle baby and a blessing.

I believe you're right. We seem to be seeing more and more of these cases where a twin miscarries and then mom finds out later there is still another baby. Just another reason I'm not a huge fan of d&c's (except for emergency situations).

Thanks so much for sharing your story. You'll give so many women hope.
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Postby Lark » Fri Aug 26, 2005 10:48 pm

Wow. The more I hear about er's, the more I think pg women should never go to them! 700 hcg at 4 wks isn't low at all! Mine was only 49, and it was in the normal range! And at 4 wks my u/s showed nothing either, and my perinatologist said that was perfectly normal for that time. I'm so very glad you called another dr and had another u/s! God bless you and your wonderful little miracle!

God bless

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Postby smoochy726 » Fri Aug 26, 2005 11:03 pm

Wow that is nice and refreshing to hear. Lark, glad to hear your #'s. I think I need to stop reading EVERY post because this proves everyone is different. My first HCG is 71 @14 DPO 4 weeks LMP. and I was thrilled, then started reading posts and hearing much higher #'s. Made me worry.

Now I see your's and I see the each person's # is unique to them, which is why they have a range.

Gonna just be happy that I am pregnant!!!!!

Thanks for the great story, and congrats on your baby.
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