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So this is my 3rd pregnancy that seems to be resulting in a 3rd miscarriage. :(
im assuming my lmp was 4/8/2011..but i started to miscarry on that day at 5 1/2 wks preg. so today im about 6w 4d. i didnt expect to get preg again right after i miscarried but even though i didnt get my hopes up i didnt think this one would be a bad preg. My hcg levels are rising very slowly. levels are as follows.

when i tested the first day was 5/9/2011 hcg 12.0 progesterone 11- started prometrium supp.
5/11/2011 hcg 37.0 progesterone 9
5/13/2011 hcg 43.0 progesterone 34
5/17/2011 hcg 87.0 progesterone 18.3-not sure of drop.didnt miss dose
5/19/2011 hcg 109.0progesterone 20.4
5/24/2011 hcg 139 progesterone pending

my infertility doctor is saying im going to miscarry because levels arent rising as they should. this is so depressing. my husband and i have been trying for 1 1/2 yrs with no luck of a successfull pregnancy. and everyone around me is either pregnant or just had a baby. i havent been the same person this past year because my hormones are all over the palce sometimes. i have done 2 rounds of iui and have taken clomid and ovidrel.i know part of my problem is because about 5 years ago i was diagnosed with moderate- severe endometriosis and had a chocolate cyst removed which was attached to my abdominal wall. i had laproscopy done last year to reopen my left tube. right tube is fine. i can obviously get pregnant. but i would like to be pregnant for the 40 weeks and give birth to a healthy baby. if i can onyl have one i would feel blessed and couldnt possibly ask for more than that.

has anyone else been through this with slow rising levels similar to mine and had a successful pregnancy? is there hope for me? btw we believe its not a tubal because im not really having any pain or bleeding and an ultrasound showed a very tiny sac in the uterus. and i have gained 6-7 pounds already and feel extremely bloated! some mornings i feel a little nausea and need to eat when im hungry. hate the weight gain and everything if it is just going to be a waste of my time. :(

8:O 8:O 8:O :sos
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Postby TTC4baby#3 » Sun Jul 24, 2011 12:36 pm

Hello I am new to the forum. I have also had a similar experience.

June 23 LMP
July 11 Positive Home pregnancy (only 7 days past early ovulation due to clomid)
July 13 HCG 145! prog 22 (only 9 days past ovulation)
July 18 HCG 174 prog unknown (5 days later)
July 20 HCG 126 prog 11 (told to stop taking progesterone)
July 22 HCG 157 prog 16.4

I didn't discontinue taking the progesterone due to my husbands persistence at having another blood draw before. I am glad I listened to him because when I got the results that my number had gone up from 126 to 157 I was so happy. I am actually waiting until Monday (July 22 was a Friday) to get more blood work. Another weird thing about this cycle is that I got several positive OPKs. So I was thinking I might have ovulated more than once.

A little background for on my situation--I have two children(16 and 12) from previous and got remarried and had a tubal reversal in June 2009. We got pregnant in December and miscarried @ 5 weeks and didn't get pregnant again until February of 2011 and miscarried at 6 weeks. We saw a fertility specialist after that and they ran the full blood work to see if I had anything out of the ordinary. The only thing to report was that I was heterozygous for MTHFR. They put me on 2 mg of folic acid and 50 mg B6 and 100 mcg of B12 daily. I have had normal periods and normal cycles other than that. The doctor wants to try to control it as much as possible so this is our second cycle on Clomid/Estrogen/Progesterone.

I will post back with the results after Monday. I am hopeful but at the same time I realize this is probably not for the best.

I wish everyone the best of luck with their babies!
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Postby pretzelpirate07 » Tue Aug 02, 2011 9:18 am

I'm going through this same thing :( also had the tubal reversal done in 2010 though miscarried in February
Very confused

I found out i was pregnant in July I should be 6 weeks 1 day my betas and progesterone are the following
147 hcg
14.4 prog
197 hcg 2 days later
14 prog
330 hcg 3 days later
1450 hcg
25 progesterone
They did a transvaginal ultrasound yesterday and saw a gestational sac and yolk but no fetus, doctor says she thinks its an abornmal pregnancy and will end in miscarriage because of the way the HCG rose so slowly any advice would be appreciated maybe I ovulated a week later then i thought my last period was june 21st so I dont know :(
here is a pic she said she sees a yolk sac inside of the gestational sac
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Postby TTC4baby#3 » Tue Aug 30, 2011 9:59 am


Unfortunately my story at least for now did not end well. I had some pain over the weekend while waiting for my next blood draw. I knew something was not right so I called Monday morning to get an ultrasound. Nothing in my mind was going to convince me that this wasn't a real pregnancy unless I saw it. So we did the ultrasound and the tech was very nice. I explained the situation to her and she started looking. She did not find a sac. Only when she used the color option on her screen could we see that blood flow was going to somewhere that was not the center of my uterus. I knew what this meant but still had to do the blood draw. I spoke with my doctor about the treatment. They wanted to administer methotrexate that day. I had to think. I went home that afternoon very upset but in the end I knew it was for the best. I called back and let them know to schedule the injection of methotrexate for the following day. My doc was very concerned that we were getting farther along and was worried about rupture. That night there was more cramping.

As I was driving to the hospital for the injection, I got a phone call to tell me my beta hcg levels from Monday. They had dropped to 85mIU. For me that was a relief to know that my levels were already declining. I would have been completely heartbroken had I found out our levels were increasing.

Everything after that was just healing both emotionally and physically. The shot was semi painful but not that bad. I was prepared for worse.

But this is not a completely unhappy ending since my hCG levels dropped fairly quickly we are still trying for our 3rd little bundle. It will actually be my husband's first.

Here's to happy endings!
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