Fluctuating HCG - Miracle Heartbeat

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Fluctuating HCG - Miracle Heartbeat

Postby PrincessJessiA » Fri Mar 11, 2005 3:54 pm


I visited this site in November 2004 after my first loss and again this past week when I was diagnosed with a miscarriage. Even though I believed what I was told, somewhere deep down I was looking for the hope that maybe miracles can happen.

I discovered today that they CAN and I'm here to share my story so others may benefit from it they way I have benefitted from the ones I read.

Last week, (3/5), at 6 weeks, 1 day based on my LMP, I began to have a loss of the pregnancy symptoms I was having and had a feeling I was losing another pregnancy. I went to the ER and while they could not do anything, they ran a blood test to check for HCG, which came back at 3400. Far, far too low for 6 weeks (it shoudl have been in the thousands), but I wasn't having bleeding so there was nothing they could do.

Monday morning (3/7) I noticed some blood after a visit to the bathroom and called the on call doctor for my OBGYN practice. She advised me to go to the ER, which i did. Still nothing they could do but check my HCG. It was 3186, so I left an made an appintment with my doctor. He ordered more bloodwork for Wednesday.

Thursday (3/10) I called for the results: 3672. I was then scheduled for an ultrasound to determine if my miscarriage was normal or ectopic as the HCG was indicating an ectopic to be a possibility because it was not declining.

Today (3/11) I went in for the ultrasound. My bladder wasn't full enough so the tech decided to do a transvaginal. As she was inserting the thing, I was explaining why I was there (miscarriage diagnosed by fluctuating HCG) and then I heard this "whoosh, whoosh, whoosh" and asked if that was my heartbeat. The tech turns to me and say "that isn't YOUR heartbeat" - so we proceed to stare at the screen as these little blobs appeared, one with a tiny flickering dot, beating like crazy.

I know what it is, but I can't believe it so I ask "what IS that?" She says, "that's the baby" - so she did all the rest of the diagnostic things (checked heart rate, measured length and width, etc.). I saw the screen with the measurement calculation results and it said 6w1d, which would be 5 or 6 days behind what I thought I would be at the time.

This also means I would have only been 5 weeks for my first blood draw, which now means my numbers are just fluctuating, not fluctuating and very low.

I went right to see my doctor right after that. He told me the heartbeat was 105 and the "normal" is 140-150 - I've learned from others that at 6 weeks, the heartbeat is actually closer to 100-110, which would mean my baby's heartbeat is normal.

So now it is just a waiting game - the doc has no answers for why my numbers dipped and we'll be doing another ultrasound 3 weeks from today. There is really nothing for me to do now but wait.

I will update my story in three weeks - for now, I hope it is enough for others to be motivated to make sure their miscarriage diagnosis is correct... I had accepted my diagnosis, so it is lucky my doctor wanted to do an ultrasound.

UPDATE: I'm sorry to say my story did not turn out well. I ended up losing the baby at 9 weeks. I've left my story here to give hope to others. Even though mine had an eventual bad ending, it does not mean that my same situation could not have had a good ending.
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Postby Mom In Waiting » Fri Mar 11, 2005 5:12 pm

:shock: Wow!!! What an awesome story of hope and determination!!
I am so glad you stuck to your instincts!!!! How wonderful it must have been to hear that :heart: heartbeat, and then to see it!!! It gave me goosebumps and got me teary eyed to read your story. It's almost like in delivery when you hear that baby cry for the 1st time!! Here's hoping for a successful preg. and for your nine months to fly by so you can hear that cry!! Keep us posted and thanks for the newest message of hope :yay:
Cyndi :heart:
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Postby Lovinmom » Sat Mar 12, 2005 12:19 am

Congratulations on getting a heartbeat! :cheer: That is such good news! Your little one is so tiny at this point. It is very easy to miss even the beats of the heart. We will keep praying for you as your little one grows. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Continue to keep us posted.

Lovinmom :heart: ,
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Postby Kay » Sat Mar 12, 2005 2:09 am

It always just makes my day to read these stories. Thank you so much for sharing your good news with us and congratulations. Those little heartbeats are so precious. IVFER has a good chart on heartrates and seems like you are right in there http://www.ivfer.com/pg_calc.htm

Keep us updated on how everything is going. You are in my prayers.

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Postby BusyGirl775 » Sat Mar 12, 2005 5:15 pm


Thanks for sharing your story! It is so great to read about sucess stories when the medical community wants to dismiss things too quickly. You will be in my prayers for a happy and healthy 9 months! Please update your story when you can. How exciting!

All the best to you!
Judy :heart:
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