Ozlem's Story -PCOS, empty sac at 7 weeks, non-tilted uterus

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Ozlem's Story -PCOS, empty sac at 7 weeks, non-tilted uterus

Postby Kay » Fri May 07, 2010 8:43 am

Dear Kay,

I have found your site nearly a week ago while I was expecting my 3rd miscarriage. I am from Istanbul/Turkey and I am 32.

First of all I would like to say that my english is not very good, but I wanna tell about my story to help all women who are suffering from PCOS...

My husband and I have been married about 6 years, and nearly 2 years ago we thought about a baby :)

In the beginning of this period, first of all I quit birth control pills. Then I got pregnant in a month, but it was ended up with D&C because it was Blighted Ovum :(

Then we started to try for second pregnancy. But at that time I realised that I could not get my period normally anymore. Then we understood that I had


Finally by the help of Clomid I got pregnant second time. But unfortunately, when I was 9 weeks pregnant, my baby left me :( So I had my second D&C...

Now, about two years after all these bad things, I got pregnant for my third pregnancy...

Then all the story again began...

At this time my doctor knows that I am in the high risk pregnancy group, and he wanted me to do HCG tests in the very beginning.

My LMP was 7th of March. 2010

My DPO was 24th of March. 2010

My HCG levels are;

13 DPO, HCG 94
16 DPO, HCG 300
21 DPO, HCG 2500
27 DPO, HCG 10093
34 DPO, HCG 22900 only gs, no yolc sac
36 DPO, HCG 32000 irregular shaped gs, no yolc sac

I don't have tilted uterus.
But until 5+6 weeks we could not see the gestational sac. After a week later at 6+5 weeks we only saw gs but there was no yolc sac. Also the shape of the gs was very irregular.
In the beginning, doctors said that my pregnancy was ectopic. Then It was said that blighted ovum.

From 6+5 weeks to 7+5 weeks, I've red all stories in your site just like me... Then I blieved that I will see my baby...

Finally, on 4th of May when I was 7+5 weeks pregnant I saw everything of my little bean with a 162 bpm heartbeat :))))

My doctor did not believe his eyes. And he said the baby is exactly 7+5 weeks. And the shape of the gs was not irregular anymore :))))

So as you can see, I am far away from your country but the story is the same like the other misdiagnosed ones....

I hope this can be helpful...

Wish me a healthy 9 months :)


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This post is for informational purposes only. This information is not intended to replace information given by your physician but rather intended to supplement that information.
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Postby aisha » Fri May 07, 2010 9:52 am

What a wonderful story Ozlem. Congrats! :)8 I wish you healthy pregnancy!!
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Re: Ozlem's Story -PCOS, empty sac at 7 weeks, non-tilted ut

Postby Aysem » Mon May 30, 2011 7:56 pm

dear ozlem (merhaba),

my name is ayse, i live in england and after reading your story. it feels like i could see myself in it. same like you i have PCOS and was diagnosed over 7 years ago. my husband and i have been trying to get pregnant for nearly 2 years.

like you i am on clomifene and did got pregnant last year sept but at 16 weeks miscarried my baby due to a weak cervix.

i am pregnent 7 weeks 4 days... at 5 weeks 5 days i had a u/s and only could see the sac but no yolk sac or baby. they told me that it was still early to see anything. i was booked in for another scan in 10 days. by then i was 7 weeks and 1 day along. yet again the only thing that was seen was a empty sac.

i was advised to do a d&c or wait for a miscarriage. i did not had a blood test or they did not mention anything about a tilted uterus.

i have decided to call the hospital that i was admitted and ask for another scan when i am 10/11 weeks and want a blood test.

i hope your pregnancy goes well. insallah hersey yollunda gider ve allah sana hayirli bir bebek nasip eder.

i hope to hear from you...

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