Jennifer's Story~non-doubling hCG over 20,000 and empty sac

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Jennifer's Story~non-doubling hCG over 20,000 and empty sac

Postby Kay » Thu Apr 15, 2010 6:53 pm

Jennifer gave me permission to share her story. We've been corresponding via email


have been reading the stories on this site to help me through the last 2 weeks. I am 38 and was concerned it would take some time to get pregnant. Low and behold I got pregnant on the first try! So , I knew I was pregnant at 4 wks 3 days. I went in for my first doctor visit at 6 wks 5 days. I had a couple of days of light spotting right before my appointment so the nurse decided to run my HCG numbers. The first reading was 21,500. The next reading was only 26,000 so she was concerned they didn’t double and had me come in for an ultra sound later that week. The ultra sound didn’t really show much. We were able to see the sac and maybe something but my doctor thought it was a blighted ovum and told me that it did not look promising. He did however schedule another ultrasound since the u/s was inconclusive but told me he hasn’t seen many positive outcomes with the history provided. He also mentioned he wouldn’t be surprised if I miscarried this week and I should call if I start bleeding. Needless to say I was a mess the entire week. I was scared every time I went to the bathroom or felt a weird sensation. I went in for my follow up u/s this morning (no spotting all week) and the doctor was able to find the baby right away and I was able to listen to its little heartbeat. I was so relieved!!! This wasn’t a blighted ovum and I should have trusted my body and instincts that everything was ok. I am 8 wks 2 days.

I think I read through all the stories on HCG and blighted ovum on this site. They really helped keep me positive. Thanks for this site!!!

14 week update ~ Just an fyi…went in last week for a checkup (14 wks) and they couldn’t find the fetal heartbeat. I had an ultrasound and all is well but if this pregnancy is telling me anything it is trust your instincts!
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