Misdiagnosis at ER ETOPIC

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Misdiagnosis at ER ETOPIC

Postby aquaenero@hotmail.com » Tue Mar 30, 2010 9:07 am

Hi All,

I wanted to post my story to give some of you a Ray of hope. I found out I was pregnant on 03/22/10. I was very shocked :)8 & happy. I had recently had an IUD removed which I had put in due to very irregular menstral cycles. I am a mom to two boys, and I was pregnant in 2005 which ended in a DNC after no heartbeat was heard this will be my 4th pregnancy with two live births & one Misscarriage.

I went to the ER on 03/24/10 with lower back pain & some abdominal cramping. They took me in for an ultrasound and automatically said we cant see a pregnancy in the uterus so we have to prepare for the worst. They said I was not miscarrying because my cervix was closed and there was no bleeding.

They added me to the Beta book and started HCG blood work. My first level was 937 taken on 3/24/10. I went to my personal OBGYN who greeted me at my doctors office & told me that if they are taking that type of bloodwork it did not look good for me :*( & that I had to go on Friday to see if the HCG levels doubled... I spent the WORST 48 hours :*( . I went to get my second level on 03/26/10 which came to be 1876 :)8 . They told me the levels were high enough to at least see something beginning in the in the uterus. I was extremly angry :() with them especially when they said they now assume all woman early in pregnancy to be Etopic unless a beginning to a pregnancy is seen in the Uterus :l. Because of all the issues with Etopic pregnancies. i was not Happy at all :()

They wanted me to come in 03/29/10 to get an ultrasound which I did. You must imagine my shock & joy :)8 when they finally saw they beginning to my pregnancy :P.

Moral of this story. I looked at every possible blog about Etopic, My doctors took away all my hope. I stressed my baby at the most important stage of his/her development...I am not out of the woods yet I still need to hear my babies E> & I need to successfully make it out of the First Trimester :)O< but I am hopeful for my baby. I praid to :H god for my little baby and he gave me hope & at least knowing he is looking out for me. I will nick name my baby my little ray of hope. I hope this helps anyone that has gone through my ordeal.
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Postby Kay » Wed Mar 31, 2010 3:53 pm

Oh Ana, I am so sorry they put you through that scare.

This is one of our worst types of misdiagnosed miscarriages. Ectopic pregnancies can have very serious consequences so waiting out a diagnosis isn't always an option. I am so glad you found the gestational sac. Please, keep us updated.
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This post is for informational purposes only. This information is not intended to replace information given by your physician but rather intended to supplement that information.
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