Misdiagnosed miscarriage low HCG no Gest. sac @ 6 wks

Have you had a misdiagosed miscarriage? Please share your stories here.

Misdiagnosed miscarriage low HCG no Gest. sac @ 6 wks

Postby Godisfaithful » Sat Feb 13, 2010 3:59 am

I found out I was pregnant on Jan. 10th and was excited and scared as this was my third pregnancy in 9 months. I went to Doc. a week later after I started spotting at the time I was 6 weeks, she did a vaginal US and found nothing in there at all no sac or anything and did my HCG and told me she'd call me with the results, well the next day I continued to spot this brownish pinkish discharge and I got a phone call from the Dr.'s assistant, informing me I was having a miscarriage and my HCG was so low it wouldn't even be detectable on a home test, she told me to let it happen naturally and if i didn't start bleeding by next week to call. In the meanwhile I cried and sat at home thinking that every spotting I had was going to lead to the MC I waited until the next week and nothing happened .....They told me to come in so they could test my blood again to see if all the hormones had left and got a HUGE surprise, somehow my levels had gone from 32 to 3318 in 10 days! Wow, I couldn't believe it! She told me to come in for a US and I had to wait a week, I went in and there was my healthy baby, heartbeat and all measuring in at 6 weeks even though by then I should have been 8 weeks, the Dr has no explanation and said shes never seen levels rise that fast and can't explain how there was no baby or sac or anything and at 2 weeks later a 6 week baby with a HB, she said it was a miracle! I'm not totally out of the woods yet as I have low progesterone levels still so they put me on supp. 3 times a day but in the last week I completely stopped spotting and I have terrible preg symptoms so I know progress is happening. I have another US next week and cannot wait to see my growing baby, I know this is Gods gift to my husband and I. I know he is the author and finisher of life and have faith everything will be fine. Always remember God CAN do the impossible and we prayed that he would save our baby,he heard us this time. Dr.s can be wrong always get repeat blood work....they cannot take one test and tell you that your doomed, I should have insisted on another bloodwork to compare the two instead of the crappy roller coaster I endured ....I hope this can encourage someone else who is going through the same thing right now .....There is always faith and hope and now I really know there are true miracles:)
There is hope through Christ, Loving mother of 6yro Layla, 3 angels in heaven and one misdiagnosed miscarriage miracle due on Sep15th!
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Postby Kay » Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:40 pm

I wonder if it is possible that you lost a hidden twin. Many pregnancies start out as twins and end as singletons. Often when a twin is lost, hCG numbers do seem to drop only to start rising quickly.

Keep us updated on you and Congratulations!
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Re: Misdiagnosed miscarriage low HCG no Gest. sac @ 6 wks

Postby 2boys2angels » Fri May 07, 2010 10:55 pm

Wow! You're story has given me HOPE! I have two boys. I had a tubal reversal and was able to get pregnant 2 times before. Both ended in in miscarriage attributed to low progesterone. I am now pregnant with my 3rd TB baby.
This pregnancy, once again, I have low progesterone. I am on progesterone. My level on Friday was 142 and on Monday it was 173. I was told that I would probably miscarry within the week. :*(
Maybe there is hope. God bless you for sharing your story!
-Kate :H
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Re: Misdiagnosed miscarriage low HCG no Gest. sac @ 6 wks

Postby dee2 » Wed May 12, 2010 9:44 pm

Wow this story has given me hope I hv been bleeding for about 2 weeks started with brownish color now bright red! My 1st ck up I was measured at 5 + 3 i had a pap done and all the np said if I continue to bleed to call started to bleed the next day called was sch to go in they did ultra sd showed I grew I was now 5+5 they did a internal exam cervic closed all look good sent home no biggy on the weekend I started to bleed more heavy so I called got seen today I measure at 5+6 only showed I grew 1 day but the embroy was visible since last visit but no heart beat I shod be measureing 6+5 I'm soo scared the took blood work to measure my hcg I got back friday for second draw this story is so inspiring because its true God gives life and God takes it I'm gonna continue to pray
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