My Answered Prayer

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My Answered Prayer

Postby Faith&Hope2 » Fri Dec 04, 2009 10:23 pm

I just wanted to say that this site and God's Word helped me tremendously the last couple of weeks. I first found out I was pregnant through a blood test probably about week after my missed period. I was so excited within that following week I began to spot slightly and I called my DR. She told me that she wanted me to come in as a precaution. We were scheduled to go to Disney that weekend. She took my blood work and my HCG was only at 300. She then told me that I might have miscarried or it could be an ectopic pregnancy. Mind you I was only about four weeks pregnant. She gave me my first U/S and told me that she couldn't see anything and that I immediatly needed to go to the hospital for another U/S. She then had me cancel my trip and come back 48 hours later for additional bloodwork. The second test showed that the levels went up to 600. She still was not satisfied. She scheduled me to come in a week later for an additional U/S and still did not find anything. She then sent me for my fourth U/S in the hospital where the tech saw a sac but it was empty. My levels were now reading 2000. She told me that she wanted me to come in a week later to recheck the statusat this time she took my blood work and it was at 6800. She told me that it should have been a lot higher. The U/S in her office still did not see anything and she wanted me to schedule a D&C as soon as possible. It was the Thurs before Thanksgiving and she said I could run the risk of bleeding out. I was devastated and something just did not sit right. I asked her if she was going to do one last U/S before the D&C and she said absolutely not. There is nothing there! I knew that something did not add up. The tech saw a sac and she didn't! I prayed and kept thinking about a verse in the bible in Malachi 3:11 it speaks about God protecting you and not allowing you to miscarry. I kept that in mind and prayed and prayed. The Dr told me to come in on Mon and if my levels were going down she would consider letting me miscarry on my own. I got in touch with a friend that is also an OBGYN. He told me he would do an U/S in his office so that I had a second opinion. I showed up on Monday morning right before I was suppose to go to my Dr. He did the U/S and there it was my little miracle......beating away!!! He told me to enjoy my Thanksgiving and to make an appointment with a new Dr. The Dr. called me that afternoon and told me that my progesterone was at 12 and she believed that I had an ectopic pregnancy going on. She insisted that I go to the hospital. I then told her that I went for a second opinion and they saw a strong healthy heartbeat. She said oh.....paused and then said that's great! Something could have developed in three days. This Dr was so sure and ready to do a D&C and now she tells me that something must have developed within three days??? The Dr that found the heartbeat found the sac all the way on top of the uterus exactly where the tech had found the sac. The Dr still insisted that I go to the hospital for a sixth U/S to confirm it for herself??? I said no and she said that she respected my decision but she didn't feel comfortable being my Dr if I wasn't going to follow her lead. That was easy for me because I had no intention of returning to her anyway. Fast Dec 3, 2009. I found a new Dr went to the hospital for my sixth U/S which probably should have been my first=( and there it answered 8 week 5 day baby with a heartbeat of 180 beats. The tech gave us a picture and of course we cried!!! I haven't spotted for two weeks=) and I'm confident that God's hands are all over this pregnancy.

I'm a little overweight I have a large cyst in my left ovary and I believe my uterus is tilted. These are all factors that can play a role in reading a clear U/S. I'm so thankful we did not give in!!! We trusted God and the end result is that we have a beautiful, healthy baby growing inside!! So ladies....there is hope and do not rush into a D&C especially when you are so early on in your pregnancy. Give that little peanut a chance to grow=)
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Postby JenS » Sat Dec 05, 2009 12:16 am

Congratulations on your little miracle! Enjoy your pregnancy and the new life that is growing!
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Postby Kay » Sun Dec 06, 2009 3:54 pm

Such a wonderful story! You are going to end up helping more women then you know by sharing this. Far too many women have reported doctors like yours. I hate to think how many women unknowingly allow their babies to be lost to the D&C procedure. I'm glad you stood your ground and got that second opinion.

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