Leslie's story - Given a 90% Chance of Miscarriage

Have you had a misdiagosed miscarriage? Please share your stories here.

Leslie's story - Given a 90% Chance of Miscarriage

Postby Kay » Fri Dec 04, 2009 10:02 pm

Leslie e-mailed me her story and wanted to share her misdiagnosis!


I just wanted to say that I’m so thankful that I found your site when I was going through the 2 weeks where I was told I would have a miscarriage and thought I was going crazy. I would love to submit my story.

Here it is:

Before I start my story, I would say if you are reading this message board you are probably feeling the way I was and I wish I had just kept reading these positive stories and then planned to get a second opinion if I’m not satisfied with my diagnosis. Here is my story. I am 40 now but when I became pregnant I was 39 and a bit surprised as my husband and I just decided to see what happens even thought we were a bit older and poof I was pregnant. I didn’t even have it on my radar about all the fears people have of miscarriage and other things but I was well aware that I had a good chance to have a miscarriage but some how I felt everything would be fine.

We’ll I called up my dr and they wanted me to come in at about 6 weeks from my last missed period but I had a plan to go to Paris and Istanbul for my 40th birthday for 2 weeks so they made the appointment for me at 4w6days from my last period.

I went in the u/s tech was really nice and said it’s probably too early to see a heartbeat but we might get lucky (to be honest I hand no idea that was even a possibility) so he did a transvaginal U/S because it was so early. We saw a gestational sac and yok sac and he pointed out where the baby is but said there was not Fetal Pole or Heartbeat and I was just a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing as I personally was trying not to get too excited just in case something went wrong (I am 40 and tend to be an optimistic realist)

I met with the Nurse Practitioner and then hand some blood drawn and left feeling great. They said I had some fibroids but the U/S guy replied to my question about if everything was okay that “everything was as it should be”…

The next day I got a call from a nurse who said that I had a slightly under active thyroid and I should start taking a thyroid medication to ensure everything would be fine. I processed that and then she said my HCG levels were 17,000 and that they would have expected to see a heartbeat at that time and then she said and that I should come in the next week. I reminded her that I was going to Paris and Istanbul for 2 weeks and she said we’ll set something up for when I get back as “We just don’t know which way this pregnancy is going to go”. I freaked out. I tried said I can completely understand that there is always a risk of miscarriage but I’m going to be out of the country and you say this to me before I leave for 2 weeks. I ask if I can speak to the dr. and she says she’ll call me back.

The Dr. calls me back and reiterates that the nurse says and then I ask what is the chance that everything is going to be okay and she said 10%. So she says because there is a 90% chance I’ll miscarry on my trip that I should pick up a prescription for pain killer to take on the trip. I’m shocked and talk to her about canceling the trip and she said she would go as there is nothing they can do here and that for a wanted pregnancy they would just let the miscarriage happen naturally. I breakdown crying and after a lot of thoughts about this I decide to go on the trip (it’s been months in the planning and I have some friends meeting up with us).

When I looked over my medical records it said that I had a teardrop shaped gestational sac and that I had some fibroids but the US tech said that “everything was as it should be” so what was it that made my dr. think I would 90% miscarry…just because my HCG was 17000 was not enough in my mind to think that I had a 90% chance of miscarriage.

So I spend over 2 weeks thinking that every twinge is miscarriage. I couldn’t help myself from looking things up on the internet. I had my medical file so I went over that 100 time a day and try to find a reason why she was 90% sure I would miscarry but everything online seems to say it’s not that cut and dry.

I did manage to have a good trip between my totally anxiety ridden sleepless nights and didn’t have a natural miscarriage.

I went to the dr. today with my husband and I have to say going into this appt I was a complete wreck. I had been thinking about this non stop for over 2 weeks. I told the tech that I was too scared to look and asked him to tell me the first sign everything was fine. Instantly he said, well there is your baby and there is the heartbeat! I started crying and was mesmerized by the screen. Ah Relief! He also said that the previous u/s was fine too and didn’t understand why I was told the 90% chance of miscarriage diagnosis.

After my reassuring ultrasound, I met with my dr. and asked here what in my file made her so certain I would miscarry that she would tell me I had a 90% chance of miscarrying. Long story short, she apologized after some unsatisfactory answers and while I did appreciate the apology, I knew at that moment she will not be the dr. I deliver with as if something really comes up I wouldn’t have trust in her diagnosis.

Again if you are reading this, my advice is to focus on these great positive stories and then get a second opinion if you are not 100% satisfied with your dr. diagnosis. Thank goodness for this site. It saved my sanitity.
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