Ectopic Pregnancy:doctors don't know everything

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Ectopic Pregnancy:doctors don't know everything

Postby sammydm » Fri Sep 25, 2009 3:06 pm

The stories on this site are the only thing that has kept me sane for the past two weeks.My life had become a cruel waiting game.Waiting on the next beta hcg or the next ultrasound only to be told they did not see a baby and did not know where it was.I am 34 years old and have 3 children.I also have Factor V Leiden which is a blood clotting disorder.Because I had blood clots after my first pregnancy 18 years ago I now have to take Heparin injections twice a day during the entire pregnancy.My nightmare started 3 weeks ago when after having left side pain I was seen in the ER and told by the MD that I was pregnant and he thought it was ectopic.Hcg-45 and ultrasound showed no baby but free fluid in my uterus.Over the next 3 weeks my betas were:
16DPO-45 no baby on ultrasound
18DPO-52 no baby on ultrasound
22DPO-238 no baby on ultrasound
27DPO-1910 no baby on ultrasound
During this entire time I lived on pins and needles just waiting for the axe to fall and my tube to burst.I was a nervous wreck and didn't know if I should be excited cause I was pregnant or sad because I couldn't have the baby cause it was in my tube (according to the doctor).My doctor gave me no hope and said at first I was going to miscarry and then she decided I had a ectopic pregnancy.A second doctor said that because I was 6 weeks pregnant,my hcg was 1910,and free fluid was seen in my uterus that I had an ectopic pregnancy and would need surgery.I had another doctor tell me I needed to decide what to do quickly cause I take blood thinner and I live in a small town and if my tube burst I would die.The only things that gave me any hope was this website and that I wasnt having any bleeding or any pain.So my sister made me a appointment with a specialist an hour from where I live.By this point after going though this I was a basketcase.This doctor doesn't introduce himself or anything.He looks me right in the eye and says "why in the hell would you do this to youself knowing that you have a blood cloting disorder and 3 kids to take care of?" I tell him that as long as I take care of my children it's nobody's business how many children I have.Then he says "Well it matters if they have a dead mother."I was stunned that he was so hateful to me and I would have walked out right then but I needed another ulrasound to be sure it was ectopic.So I tell him if he can do a ultrasound I'll find another doctor.He sends me over to the hospital to have the ultrasound and tells me if it is ectopic which he's sure it is he will do surgery to remove my tube immediately.Now he must think I'm crazy because after the way he talked to me I wasn't sure he wouldnt kill me during surgery.He already told me if I died it would be my fault and that I was a bad mother.At the very least I was sure if he operated on me he would make sure that I'd never get pregnant again.So my sister and I go over to the hospital for the ultrasound with the plan to go to Houston if I need surgery.After waiting for 3 hours we go in the ultrasound room.I am crying and scared to death.I couldnt see the screen but my sister could.As the tech began the vaginal ultrasound my sister immediately grabbed my arm and I started crying harder because I thought she saw the baby in my tubes.After a few minutes the tech turns the screen toward me and I saw my baby with its little heart flashing on the screen right in my uterus where it was suppose to be.I cant tell you how happy I was.I had been praying the pregnancy prayer I found on this site and my prayers have been answered.My baby is normal with a little beating heart!!!!My sister and I left the hospital with a picture of my perfect little baby.I never went back to the doctor's office like he wanted me to and am looking for a new doctor now.I'm a nurse and I know you are not suppose to treat patients like he treated me.I will be making a complaint against him with the board of medicine.I'm sorry this post is so long but I thought that maybe it would give someone hope and help them in some way.Dont put your life in danger but dont ever lose faith because God is the only one who can make miracles happen.
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Postby ashleyluvsmatt » Fri Sep 25, 2009 4:02 pm

I am so sorry you had to go through all of that, but am so happy that they found your baby.
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hope wish

Postby hummingbird_73 » Tue Dec 08, 2009 2:50 pm

What awonderful story of hope!!!!
Wish my journey would take miraculous turn like that. :H
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