Misdiagnosed BO-sac too large/no baby by SnagglePussMummy

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Misdiagnosed BO-sac too large/no baby by SnagglePussMummy

Postby misdiagnosed » Tue Feb 15, 2005 8:52 pm

Originally posted by SnagglePussMummy 10/7/2004

My name is Claire and I was given this site address by lovinmum, I usually go to the maternal child and health forum, but have agreed to post my story here to help anyone else in my situation.
I first fell pregnant in Nov 2002, my first scan at 16 weeks showed our baby was alive but was an anencephaly (head had not developed properly) our choices were deliver then or deliver full term, the outcome being the same, the baby would die.
So I delivered at 16 weeks in Feb 2003.
I fell pregnant again 3 months later, at 6 weeks I was sent for an early scan, the scan showed no baby just the sac, so we went back 2 weeks later to be told I had blighted ovum, no hcg tests were done to see if my levels were falling, I had no bleeding or pain either, I had a d&c the next day and will now spend the rest of my life wondering if I gave up on a healthy pregnancy too soon, as I would only have been between 6-8 weeks when the d&c was done.
I fell pregnant for a third time in Dec 2003, but unfortunately miscarried at 6 1/2 weeks.
At the beginning of June this year I found out I was pregnant for a fourth time, my husband and I were sent for another early scan at around what I believed to be my sixth week, the sonographer pointed out a yolk sac and said that if the baby was any less than 8mm in length she would not be able to detect it, she asked me how long my periods were and seemed happy that things were progressing nicely, we left the room believing we were going for a re-scan 2 weeks later.
5 minutes or so later we were taken into a "counselling room" by a registrar, who told us that because the sac was 1mm bigger than normal for seeing a foetus, we "most likely had blighted ovum" were here exact words, we were both in shock, but I would not cry in front of her, she seemed very cold about it all, even asking me why I was there at the hospital so early in a pregnancy and she had my notes in her hand! She suggested that we have a re-scan in a week so that if it was blighted ovum, we could "get it over with"
We left the hospital and I couldn't control my grief anymore, all I could think about was telling my mum that I'd let her and everyone down a fourth time.
I got home and did some research, I found that you cannot have blighted ovum if a yolk sac has been seen, it is not possible!
It was the longest week of our lives waiting for the re-scan, the same lady scanned us again, seconds after putting the device on my tummy she turned the screen to us and said "there is your baby" it's heart was even beating. At that re-scan I believed my self to be 8 weeks, the sonographer actually put me at 6 weeks 5 days! Over a week less. As you can imagine the tears rolled, I couldn't believe that another human being could be so text book about a new life, but I was so overjoyed that I forgot what the reistrar said. I am sat here crying as I write this as my baby is moving about right now. I have waited so long for what seemed like would never happen and I am now 22 weeks pregnant with a perfectly developing baby, that lets me know with kicks everyday it is there. So I offer this to any of you who are in a similar position, wait it out, because you never know. You know your body better than anybody, do not be pushed into doing anything especially when you are at your weakest, wait it out, or you could be like me with my second pregnancy...what if
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why doc are so COLD

Postby muslimahk » Fri Jan 08, 2010 1:03 am

Wow. cool story.

I don't know why the doctors are sooooo cold.
My yolk sac isn't delovloping but didn't say it is missing. I saw it on week 5 scan and not on week 6 scan.
no symptoms of pregnanc.
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Re: Misdiagnosed BO-sac too large/no baby by SnagglePussMumm

Postby cutiepiez » Wed Nov 10, 2010 7:52 pm

OMG Claire im reading this after a long time , you had gone through so much :( with my second preg. at 6 months visit i was told by the doc. that there is clacination in the walls of heart , as i had a downs syndrome in my family so she said most likely the baby is having abnormalities , referred us to the genetic counselor and guess what the counselor said who was the doc. you had sent you here :() the u/s machines are so sensitive that they detect everything or nothing , so the doc. was wrong again!!
i had a healthy baby boy that year, now have one girl , two boys! :)8

i dont trust these machines anymore!!! or say the doc. who think they are smart enough to take any case but they arent!! :l i believe i call this over confidence in some doc. where they think the patient is just an experiment for them :()

i am happy you had a successful 4th preg. :)O< :)8
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