Misdiagnosed Blighted Ovum!!!

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Misdiagnosed Blighted Ovum!!!

Postby tc_lorman@excite.com » Mon Oct 20, 2008 8:20 pm

I am new to this site and never really expected to be able to post a story similar to many of the other miraculous success stories on here. But I'm thanking God that I can!!! Thanks to this site my baby is alive!!!
A few weeks ago I found out I was pregnant. My husband and I were thrilled. We have a 17 month old but she was hard to come by. Before her I went through 2 miscarriages that were very hard and emotional.
Anyway I went to the ER with pains in my right side at 7 weeks and was told that they saw an empty sac and were concerned that this could be an ectopic pregnancy. They would not let me return to work for the week as they ran tests and I saw 2 other doctors. I did a hcg level at first that was 13,000 then 2 days later went to 22,000. They said it wasn't rising fast enough and all the ultrasounds showed no sign of baby in the uterus or the tubes. They did inform me that I had a tilted uterus which I was never informed of with my last 3 pregnancies. I was told that the sac was too big and that a baby should definitely be visible. By my eigth week I was told a DNC would be the best decision.
I went home and researched the subject finding this website. I was so happy to have some hope. I felt so pregnant-- having morning sickness, heartburn, extreme moodiness, frequent urination. I just felt so pregnant and it felt wrong to have the surgery. I still felt there was a chance. Well I asked for another blood count and ultrasound. To my surprise they found a baby with a good strong heartbeat!!! I had already began accepting the fate that this pregnancy was a failed one and when I heard this I was screaming and jumping. The blood count turned out to be good news too!!! Thanks to everyone on this site.
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Postby hopefulnow » Tue Dec 23, 2008 5:09 pm

I was just diagnosed with blighted ovum yesterday. I had never heard of this diagnoses. I had two child that are 8yrs and 4 yrs old and had never had any miscarriages. I thought I was 10 weeks pregnant going into the ultra sound. After 15 minutes of the tech looking at the ultra sound she asked if she could do a trans. ultra sound. I had never had one before and asked why this needed to be done. She told me she was having trouble seeing and this would give a better picture. She told me she thought I wasn't as far along as I thought I was. After looking at the ultra sound for another 10 mins. she again said I was not as far along as I thought. She said she saw a gest sack but no fetus. My heart sank. I said what does this mean.... am I pregnant. She then again for the third time said I must not be as far along as I thought. I said well than how far would I be. She said maybe 4-5 weeks. This was just not possible. I should have been almost 10 weeks. She told me to meet with my doctor and she would reveiw the ultra sound results. My doctor then told me that the gest. sack was measuring at 7 1/2 weeks but there was no fetus visible. She told me it was probably blighted ovum.She told me to come back next Monday and have another ultra sound done. If there is still no fetus visible then she would want to do a d&c or I could wait to miscarry. I was so upset. My mom was with me and was just as upset. We cried and just couldn't believe this was happening.

Then my mom called me today and told me of this website. It has given me new hope that maybe it was just too early and there may still be hope for a healthy baby. I know that other women have been in my situation and that seems to help the pain and confusion. I will continue praying. Thanks for giving me new hope!!
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