Blighted Ovum & Irregular Gestational Sac. Found Heartbe

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Blighted Ovum & Irregular Gestational Sac. Found Heartbe

Postby tlee980 » Tue Oct 07, 2008 6:41 pm

Wanted to post because this site helped me get through this weekend. Last Saturday 9/27/08 I had some pains. Called my doc monday and went it, they said everything looked good on my exam and i should go for an u/s tuesday 9/29. So they took blood and sent me home.

Tuesday at 4w 6d I had an u/s tat an offsite facility as they were booked at my ob. rule out etopic pregnancy. The sac measured 5w 2d.

Friday I went in for a followup for my u/s and blood results. The doc comes in and tells me she has not so great news. That my hcg is over 9000 and they dont see anything on the u/s which is unsual so they will do an u/s right now to see what is going on. so im freaking a little but thinking its a mistake. they do the u/s she says she sees nothing, no heartbeat, no baby and my gestational sac is an irregular shape. She never mentions the phrase blighted ovum I had to google "empty sac" to get that term. So the doc comes back to me and tells me to prepare for miscarriage. Goes on to explain what will happen to me and tells me for closure it might be easier to schedule a d&C for wednesday 10/8. I am instantly mad I dont voice that concern I just want to leave asap. She tells me she needs blood which they are unable to do because after poking me 100 times they could not find a vein. Could this day be any worse. So I go 25 minutes to an offsite facility to draw blood saturday so she can prove that my levels are dropping or have stopped.

Longest weekend of my life. I was so depressed just laid in bed all weekend praying. I call first thing Monday morning for results, meanwhile calling doctors looking for a second opinion. They will not have results until the evening. More waiting. So she calls me back at 4pm after another follow up phone call from me. She is very suprised that my levels have doubled to 36,090 and she would like to do a repeat u/s to rule out possible twins. She said she has a little hope but if she finds nothing I should really think about d&c. I already know this woman will never ever see my face again. My mother has all but forbid me to set foot in her office. I finally found a doctor who we see me right away after explaining my situation.

Saw new doc today. She immediately put my mind at ease. Explained that if they see a heartbeat then case closed and if not we will take blood and keep scanning every week until it seems dire. She said it is way too early to rule out a viable pregnancy. The u/s tech was awsome kept apologizing for the other doctor's attitude and kept saying why would someone reccommend that procedure this early. As soon as she put in the probe she turned the screen towards me and said there is your heartbeat. I was in shock I didnt think they would see anything yet I am exactly 6 weeks tomorrow. I was estatic. 119 beats per minute E> . As soon as I left after making appointments and thanking everyone again and again I called my husband. He was so excited, I got a pic of our little bean and he has it as his cell phone wall paper lol kinda weird i know. We are just so happy. :)8 Thank you for all the great stories on this site that kept me sane. please get second opinions or new doctors. dont let trigger happy doctors murder your possible babys. Thanks again.

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Postby Kay » Tue Oct 07, 2008 7:13 pm

What an awesome story and what a happy ending!

Let me digress a moment though and say, "ACK!!!" I get so annoyed by doctors like that first one you had. Please, let her know your baby was found. If you had listened to her, your baby would not have been found. I'm glad you didn't listen.

Thank you so much for sharing your story and congratulations to you!!! Enjoy that cell phone wallpaper :)
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Postby tlee980 » Fri Oct 10, 2008 2:56 pm

Thanks so much!
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Postby lost angel » Fri Oct 10, 2008 8:27 pm

Some Drs are such insensitive pigs!!!! They should not be allowed to practice!

Glad you have found someone MUCH better!

I am happy your baby was found! May you have a boring and uneventful pregnancy!!

Keep us updated!

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