My bitter sweet story

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My bitter sweet story

Postby MrsCK » Tue Sep 23, 2008 8:38 am

I had my Mirena (IUD) removed on July 15 and got my BFP on August 12. My first u/s was scheduled for Sept 9, when I was "supposed" to be 7w6d, but when I got there and the ob did the scan, we couldn't see anything but an empty sac. The doctor pointed out that my uterus was tilted (backward) and that it might have been the cause for the empty sac. I was told not to worry and made an appointment for 2 weeks hence (which was today, Sept 23).

Then a few days later, I started spotting and by Wednesday I had a slight bleed and was on bed rest. By the weekend things cleared up and I returned to work on Monday Sept 15. By 1pm I was in a meeting when I just felt a sudden gush and I ran to the bathroom and I was bleeding very badly. Horrendous amounts of gushes with clots and I cried and cried while I phoned a friend who took me to my ob. When I got there the doctor did a scan and we saw a tiny blob with a heartbeat with a massive amount of bleeding towards the left. After that I was put on bed rest for the rest of the week until the bleeding/spotting stopped by the weekend.

I had my follow up appointment today which was supposed to be the 2 week follow-up after the empty sac but then the follow-up from the bleed and we saw a very healthy 10w foetus with a heartbeat of 180b/m.

What is clearly visible though, is an empty sac above this baby with fluid to the left of the baby, which the doctor said, shows that there was another little baby that sadly lost the fight and by all probability, that was the heavy bleeding I had last week.

It is a bit of a bitter sweet. To be happy about this life that survived but my heart also aches for the other angel I've lost and will never know.

To those ladies waiting anxiously for another scan after an empty sac early on, don't loose hope. And pray, a lot. Good luck to those waiting.
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Postby shelley75 » Tue Sep 23, 2008 9:38 am

first of all congrats on your healthy bean....but it really must be a tough time for you with all sorts of emotions....i am sorry about the little bean that never made it....big hugs...

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Postby Kay » Tue Sep 23, 2008 3:22 pm

Congratulations on seeing your little one. What an awesome thing.

Your story is an important one here. I've talked to other women with similar stories. Fortunately, their doctors didn't push D&C during the miscarriage or they turned it down. Many pregnancies start as twins and when doctors rush a D&C due to bleeding and cramping, I wonder how many 'hidden' twins are lost. My guess, honestly, is quite a few.

Concentrate on that beautiful little baby of yours. I am really so happy for you.
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Re: My bitter sweet story

Postby MrsCK » Wed Oct 06, 2010 2:55 am

If I could just end my story.

At 12w5d I was in the kitchen preparing dinner one evening when I felt a gush and just knew what was happening. I ran to the loo and I was bleeding like mad, but unlike the previous time it was light blood and almost watery. I shouted to my DH to bring a pad and phoned the OB, who told me to get to hospital straight away.

We closed the house, took DS to the ILs and went to hospital. As we got there DH got a wheel chair and I placed a towel on the chair and we were off to L&D. The nurse who opened said "oh no when a mommy comes in here sitting on a towel with no bump it means only one thing" and she tried to look so sad for us. I just told her that I'm NOT miscarrying, I just need the OB to do an u/s and to check the bleeding.

The bleeding at that time became very bad. I messed up the bedding and with every movement more blood flowed out. It looked horrible and I soaked one pad after another - I think 3 pads in total in the 40 minutes we waited for the OB to come out of the surgery she was busy with! During this whole time I was too scared to breathe and prayed constantly - sometimes aloud, sometimes softly. I just refused to let the little baby go.

Finally the OB came to the room and asked what was going on and she wasn't too happy to see all the blood on the bedding. She immediately did an u/s which showed a perfectly formed baby and even though we couldn't see a heartbeat right away, we could see the baby kicking and waving its arms and with a turn of the probe we saw a strong heartbeat.

The OB said that everything looked fine and that I could go home, she just wanted to check my servix to see that I wasn't dialating because then she'd admit me. Oh well when she did the internal exam blood GUSHED out over her hands and her face turned pale. no words were needed to realise something was very wrong. At least my servix was closed but with every move of her hand more blood spilled over her hands and got soaked up by the bedding. So I was admitted to the ward, got a catheter and an IV with all sorts of drugs and stuff to stop any possible contractions and to counteract any possible infections.

It was the longest night of my life. I had gushes of blood with every movement - even coughing or sneezing soaked a pad. I could barely sleep. I clutched the photo of my little fighter baby and prayed that everything would be okay.

Very early the next morning my OB came around and did another u/s which showed that the placenta was over the cerfix and that almost half of the placenta tore away. This explained the heavy bleeding I had and I was told to not even sit up to eat and to keep movements to a minimum. My dosage of progesterone was doubled and the OB told me that the baby is fine and looked healthy. She ordered many blood tests to screen for any markers of defects on the baby and checked the nuchal fold and nose bridge which all measured just fine. She also told me that she delivered a baby of another patient jsut the week before... where that lady also bled constantly and heavilly for half of her pregnancy and the baby was born fat and healthy with no problems. It gave me a little realm of hope, but I was sooo scared that this little baby would follow the same path of it's little mate that left us a couple of weeks before.

3 days later I was still bleeding but the u/s showed that the placenta was re-attaching and it was good news. The bad part though, was that there was an unormous blood clot behind the placenta and the OB told me to expect more bleeding as the blood clot would either re-absorb or it might come loose and bleed out and in worst scenario tear the placenta and baby away and I'd miscarry. I was sent home on strict instructions to be on strict bed rest for at least 3 weeks before even considering to go back to work. This I followed religiously and I was on bed rest from week 13 - 16 with weekly checkups and ultrasounds at the OBs office. During this time I bled CONSTANTLY and the bleeding flared up twice during this time but little bean stuck with us and did an awesome job at growing at a good pace. The clot behind the placenta gradually re-absorbed and by 16 weeks the placenta was attached again, although it was completely over the cervix.

I returned to work at 17 weeks and even though I've had some brown spotting every now and then I was fine and baby was doing great. Later that week I had another u/s done which would be the the detailed anatomy scan which showed a Choroid Plexus Cyst (CPC) on our baby's brain (oh and we found out it was another boy!). The OB wasn't too happy about the finding and said that usually CPCs are very rare but it is connected with Trisomy 13 and Trisomy 18 and even though a CPC is unusual but normal to be present before 24 weeks, with my history and all the bleeding we could not ignore the fact that something might be wrong. I was shattered. For weeks on end I've battled and prayed and fought with my own body to not loose this baby and then we got this news. I've spent the next 3 weeks in constant prayer and had a follow up scan and at 20 weeks the CPC was GONE!!!

By 28 weeks the OB confirmed that the placenta moved away from the cervix and even though it was still touching the cervix with a "tip" I was fine and more important, baby was fine too. He was growing at an amazing pace. The rest of my pregnancy progressed normally. I went into preterm labour at 34 weeks due to an infection but once again my good OB managed to keep him inside me and he was finally born on April 15, 2009 at a healthy 8lbs even.

He is our little miracle baby. My mom calls him our little prayer on the run. We named him Daniel with the promise of his name being that God will be his judge and keep him safe from harm.

The pregnancy was very long, tiring and very difficult but I never ever gave up hope on my baby. The reality of the twin that was lost finally caught up with me almost a year after Daniel was born because during my pregnancy I had no time to mourn the baby that I've lost because the fight to keep the remaining one was too time consuming.

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Re: My bitter sweet story

Postby adele » Wed Oct 06, 2010 5:22 pm

Dear mrs Ck,

THank you for your heart touching storie (crying) it trully touched me id like to say im proud of you for keeping faith and keeping it together :*( i must say that God trully protected you and went thru more than anywomen could off handled but you did and i tank you for giving hope to others, we al need to learn that God is our savior and we should have faith....Ive never knew pregnancy could be so complicated when i was younger i just wantec to have a kid lol still young and naive but that never changed i kept praying and told myself that God will give me a child when IM ready and he did although i never thought id be joining a site were i feared the worst i always thought that it would be the most juyfull time ever but infact it is not, The fear of losing your baby is so excrutiating it makes you sick we pray every night for our lil one to arive may-june 2011 and i pray for strenght to keep me positive even though i cant help myself checking the paper when i wipe :*( praying not to see anything exspecaily after the (18day bleeding/spotting) one thing i know is that our babies will be the most loved gift God could ever give us...

Im sorry for your angel baby

Greetings Adele
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Re: My bitter sweet story

Postby MrsCK » Thu Oct 07, 2010 2:16 am

♥ Adele
Good luck for the remainder of your pregnancy.
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