A Cautionary Blighted Ovum Story!

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A Cautionary Blighted Ovum Story!

Postby Mama Locs » Fri Sep 19, 2008 12:52 am

Hi, I've been waiting to post this story for a week. I'm truly blessed to have been referred to this site and the information I read over helped encourage me to stand my ground against a forced D&C.

My Story:
I've been monitoring my fertility by BBT for a number of years. I started night-time weaning my toddler a few months ago in hopes of conceiving again. My cycle finally returned and set about keeping track. The beginning of last month I started feeling ill. I had a constant headache and nausea. I was only 5 dpo so a BFP didn't come into my mind at that time. After a week of this I finally tested and got a BFP at 11 dpo, the earliest I've ever gotten a positive. About 2 weeks later I was having severe abdominal pain. I went to the hospital where the Dr's found the gestational sac and two big cysts on my ovaries. It measured 5 weeks, right on schedule. Another Dr came on duty and discharged me with a diagnosis of threatened abortion. I disagreed with it and said so; I wasn't dilated or bleeding. They did an hCG test and told me to follow up in 2 days. I did and my numbers had doubled. Then I went in a 3rd time, right before going out of town. When I returned, I called to get my results and was told the #'s hadn't doubled and it looked like I was miscarrying. I was still nauseated and it didn't make sense. The MW's office said that I needed to go in and gave an u/s, it was scheduled and I went in. The sac measured 6w 4d and appeared empty. I commented to the tech about it being empty and she said it looked like a blighted ovum and I should go home and prepare for a miscarriage. That it should happen within the week. I had some light spotting, but I suspected it was because of the internal ultrasound.

So I went home shocked and in disbelief. Something about it didn't sit right with me. I'm a Christian Childbirth educator and I know what God says about pregnancy and birth. That he doesn't want us to 'cast our fruit before it's time'. I stood on the word and made declarations over and over, all the while being green with nausea. I got a call two weeks ago from my MW's office saying that I needed to go in to see a Dr to schedule a D&C. I asked if I could wait and the office told me I had to go in or I'd be labeled 'non-compliant'. I went in and talked to the Dr. I explained that my uterus was tilted and my other children didn't show up on u/s's until 8 weeks, sometimes later. I said if I was going to miscarry then I wanted it to happen naturally. I also said I'd like to wait to schedule a D&C. He was the 1st person to really listen to me. He said I could wait as long as I was comfortable, even if it was 3 or more weeks. He scheduled me to go back in a week, on September 11th for an ultrasound. It seemed to be an ominous date. I spotted lightly for about 4 days, but again, I felt that it was because of the internal exam I was given. But I didn't have fear. I held on to God's promises. I went in for the ultrasound and immediately my baby came in to view! With a E> 158bpm! It measured 6w6d, about 5 weeks behind my calculations, but that's ok! I know when I conceived, because there are no other possible dates!

I told very few people about the diagnosis. And I'm glad I didn't. None of them, even the Christian ones, believed there was any hope. But I still believed and remained faithful to God's promise.
Mama Locs
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Postby Kay » Tue Sep 23, 2008 3:17 pm

Oh my goodness, what a time of this you have had. And, oh my goodness, what is this being labeled 'non-compliant' thing? If you hadn't liked that last doctor so much, I'd say lose this office. You've been misdiagnosed multiple times this pregnancy and that is beyond unacceptable and then with the 'office' threatening to label you??? Wow!

Hang in there and keep us updated. I'm so glad you got to see that little E> !!!
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This post is for informational purposes only. This information is not intended to replace information given by your physician but rather intended to supplement that information.
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Postby cmam » Tue Sep 23, 2008 3:44 pm

I'm so happy for you. Non-compliant??? Good for you, your non-compliance saved your little one
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Postby MrsCK » Thu Sep 25, 2008 4:10 am

I am so happy for you and that you stood your ground!
Wishing you a wonderful :)O< ahead!
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Re: A Cautionary Blighted Ovum Story!

Postby Freckles » Sat Oct 04, 2008 4:47 pm

Mama Locs wrote:It measured 6w6d, about 5 weeks behind my calculations, but that's ok!.

This gives me hope.

I was supposed to be 9 weeks pregnant , I had an ultrasound Sep 30 showing a 5 weeks 4 day gestational sac .. she said it was perfect
for a 5 weeks 4 day pregnancy.
They are talking blighted ovum , Im having another ultrasound on the 10th... this is sooo hard I keep going back and forth in my mind thinking could my dates just be really off ???

Lmp July 30 I do NOT have a perfect cycle I have had 34/35 days before .

I always seem to ovulated on cd 18 or a bit later... with my last I ovulated and got pregnant on c/d 19
and I got my bfp Aug 27th

5 weeks 4 days put me at August 22

Is it really possible to be 5 or 6 weeks off in your dates?
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Postby nicole729 » Thu Nov 12, 2009 8:52 pm

Wow..5 wks behind.. awesome news.. so hoping for a miracle myself.. God Bless!
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