LanaCh's story - Baby found thanks to second opinion

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LanaCh's story - Baby found thanks to second opinion

Postby Kay » Wed Jul 23, 2008 5:58 pm

LanaCh asked me to share her story with you:

Background information:
LMP : May 18, 2008
Ovulation guesstimate: June 2
Tried to get pregnant: June 1, 2, 3

hCG levels : July 01, 2008 - 3,650
On Monday July 07, 2008 I had a vaginal ultrasound.
It has been 7 1/2 weeks since my LMP.

To my disappointment, the ultrasound showed an empty gestational sac, with no baby or heartbeat present. The doctor was certain that the pregnancy was not viable, he was certain I was going to miscarry, and scheduled a D&C on July10, 2008.

So, on Thursday July 10, I went to get a SECOND opinion and
a second vaginal ultrasound. On Thursday July 10, even I could see the baby with the fluttering heart beating at a normal rate of 135 bpm and measured 6 weeks, 1 day.

My biggest problem with this was how the doctor handled the situation. Instead of immediately jumping to conclusions that I was going to have a miscarriage, he should have mentioned that this might be a miscarriage, but we should run some blood work to test your hCG levels and get another ultrasound AND go from there. Instead, he was scheduled a D&C on July10, 2008. He was absolutely convinced this was not a viable pregnancy.

If you are pregnant and diagnosed with a blighted ovum, get a second or third opinion. Get blood work drawn. Have another ultrasound performed with another machine. There are too many people out there misdiagnosed.
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Blogging on Misdiagnosed Miscarriages
If you are being diagnosed with a blighted ovum after IVF, please take a look at this article I put together: Misdiagnosed Miscarriage After IVF
and why I just believe a blighted ovum should NOT be diagnosed before nine weeks at the earliest and the UK's new guidelines support this

This post is for informational purposes only. This information is not intended to replace information given by your physician but rather intended to supplement that information.
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Postby Trusting God » Mon Aug 04, 2008 10:48 pm


I am so happy for you. We must continue to have faith, even when the doctor's don't. God Bless
Trusting God
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Postby rmunoz5575 » Wed Aug 27, 2008 10:37 am

I too am going through something similar. I found out I was pregant on 7/23/08 went to the ER on 7/28/08 becuase of cramping and spotting, they said that I was going to misscarry, a week went by and nothing happened so I went back to ER on 08/02/08 and they said my HCG levels are increasing. So, I went to see an OB dr. 8/7/08 and she did lab work and sent me to have a sono. They saw a heartbeat that day I was 6w 1day. On Monday 8/28/08 I went to the dr. because of spotting and she did a sono and did not see a heartbeat. She said I needed to schedule a d&c or let the miscarriage hapen on its own. Only two weeks before on 8/7/08 I had a sono with another office and they saw a heartbeat at 6w 1day. I am so confused, I demanded another sono and I go today with specialist pernatal dr. today at 4:15pm. Please pray for me & my unborn baby.
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