My misdiagnosed miscarriage!

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My misdiagnosed miscarriage!

Postby karimae » Sat Jun 14, 2008 4:33 pm

It does happen! I just found out that the baby I "miscarried" 2 months ago is alive and well, growing in my belly. A trip to the emergency room, an ultrasound, and a very uncaring ER doctor all said that I lost my baby back in April. After several hours waiting, the doctor walked in and said, "The ultrasounds show no sign of a pregnancy." What in the world does that mean?!? After the initial shock wore off I realized she was telling me that I had lost my baby. Looks like she needs to go back to prenatal class where you identify babies on ultrasounds.

As I was only 7 weeks along, the OB/GYN that had accepted me as a patient had not yet scheduled my first prenatal visit. Five weeks after my miscarriage I took a pregnancy test even hough we were being very careful to wait until I had a period before we started trying again. When my test came out positive (though happily it is my same precious baby) his office said that I would have to provide another proof of pregnancy and resubmite my application to be seen by him. He would not see me to make sure everything was okay after the miscarriage because I hadn't yet been in for a visit at the time of my miscarriage and therefore in their eyes was not officially a patient. Where the heck is someone supposed to go for follow up care from a miscarriage if their OB/GYN won't see them? This lady at his office said that the doctor had agreed to see me for the baby I lost, but now that they were informed that I miscarried he would not be able to see me at all unless I provided another proof of pregnancy.

Needless to say I found another OB/GYN who saw me within 2 days and had me sent for an ultrasound asap. Not in my wildest dreams would I have thought that my new pregnancy was not new at all and was the same sweet baby I thought I had lost two months ago. But somehow I knew it all along. The second I saw my baby on the ultrasound screen I knew it was true. I was expecting a 7 week old little pea in the pod and instead saw a 14 week old active and developing baby.

Though I am extremely upset with the care I received at the ER and the doctor who was supposed to deliver my baby, I am SO overjoyed in knowing my baby survived and will show up when we first expected her. We are do in early Dec and could not be happier.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my story. There are not a lot of people that can understand what it is like.
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Postby Kay » Sun Jun 15, 2008 11:20 am

Oh my goodness, wow! These stories never cease to amaze me. Congratulations!!! I am so glad you found another doctor to see. Please, keep us updated on you and your pregnancy!
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