doctor doesn't always know best!

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doctor doesn't always know best!

Postby supermum2b » Thu Jun 12, 2008 8:55 pm

Firstly i want to say to anyone else who's going through early pregnancy concerns, try not to worry too much, if possible delay scans for as long as possible and remember, every baby develops differently, very few are "average" thats just an arbitrarily assigned value for use as guidance only!
thankyou to those women who shared their stories and gave me soo much hope, i pray i can also offer hope to other mothers 2 B out there...

Here's my story...
hubby and i had been ttc for about 18months, then just when we got a fertillity assessment booked in, we decided that we should take a break and focus on work (i'm starting a PhD at the moment which is particullarly high pressure). That was in March this year (2008), my period in march was normal but i caught a particulalry bad dose of the flu in April which may have affected my period as it was a bit spotty at first then quite light (sorry if TMI). On Tuesday the 20th May i noticed that i had sore boobs and over the next couple of days i noticed that i had to go to the loo more often then usual. On the thursday i decided to test just to get the idea out of my mind so that i could continue to focus on my study, only to my surprise it immediately showed a positive. We were very excited and booked in to see a new doctor the following tuesday (27th may).

At the appointment, my doctor asked me about my periods and said that she thought it was more likely i was as much as 10 weeks, since my April period was not "normal" so she sent me for an ultrasound for that Friday. 1 litre of water and a bursting bladder later, there was no sign of a pregnancy using an abdominal ultrasound, and only a very small gestational sack with an internal ultrasound (measuring earlier that 5 weeks but the technician couldn't say how much earlier as his scale didn't go that small). He said that we should prepare for the worst as it was unlikely to have a positive pregnancy test over a week earlier with a pregnancy that was as early as ours was showing. Obviously we were devistated and we went home in tears.

I rang the docotrs surgery and asked that they send me for blood work so that we could check my hormone levels. a Beta HcG test the following wednesday afternoon came back at 17, 300 and by the next friday these levels were 28, 500. my doctor was concerned as she said these were far to high for such an early pregnancy- shouldn't be seen til 6-7 weeks, she sent me for another ultrasound that afternoon to check for eptopic pregnancy.

the second ultrasound was done by a private obstetric ultrasonographer, she asked me about my periods, and i told her all i could remember about my April period, she decided to date from the first spot i had in April, which was on the 9th (didn't care that the spotting stopped on the 11th and my flow didn't start til the 19th). this time a sack was visible with an abdominal ultrasound and she mentioned seeing a yolk sack but no baby. then with the internal she said she could see nothing in the sack and since it was so big (18mm, with 2ml volume) and my HcG levels were so high there was "absolutely no way that this was a viable pregnancy" she left the room and came back with a fact sheet on assisted miscarriage and said that this happen quite often, that there was never going to be a baby and we should go home and discuss our options. Once again were shattered. we went home and pullled out her report and noted that she reported "no yolk sack" and a "nonviable pregnancy at 8w4d" i was so distraught ('8:O') so my husband called our doctor to she if she had time that afternoon to talk to us, she had already left but had left our file with a collegue who said she would prefer to speak to us face to face. we rushed in immediately.

At that appointment i explained that i was sure that i couldn't be 8w4days because of my period on 19th of april. after asking some questions she agreed that it was possible but stressed that it was unlikely. she gave us another referral for an ultrasound and more bloods for this week, saying i should try and have the ultrasound on tuseday or wednesday so that we had enough time to have a D&C before leaving for our holiday this weekend. she said that by then i would be at least 7 weeks and would "have to have a heartbeat by then". i had the bloods done and held off the ultrasound til last thing thursday (yesterday), we had everyone praying for us and our baby, our whole church and my bestfriend's church were praying that God would enable us to have a definitive answer. I came across this website on wednesday and was so shocked about the amount of misdiagnosis out that, that i started to feel some hope- i stress some, i was pretty convinced there would be no change!

at the ultrasound i was absolutely bursting to pee and i was going to have to wait as the technician was running behind, i had no choice but to release some pee (in the toilet, don't worry) and my bladder felt much better (a note to other womed, when they say 1 litre make sure you don't push yourself to drink it, apparently some people have small bladders and drinking this much and holding it can cause damage). we went in and i said to the sonographer "we're not expecting good news, the doctor wants us to confirm before having a D&C" as soon as he put the wand on my stomache we could see that something had changed, the sack was much more visable and even we sould see something in it. He said "see that, that's a heart beat" we said "are you sure?" he said he's pretty sure but would like to do an internal ultrasound to confirm. The whole time i was emptying my bladder i was praying :H it wasn't a mistake.

as soon as i put the probe in he said, "there it is, a strong HB" E> =133bpm and a fetal pole (is that what it's called) measuring 6w4days. We were so shocked as we had both gone in with no hope, and there was our baby's heart beating on the screen, it was so amazing!

Turns out that i was right, with my average 34 day cycle length (none of the doctors seemed to care that this was longer than an "average" 28 day cycle and would take nearly a whole week off my gestational age) and my period on the 19th, my calculations were much closer than my doctors. Thankfully my baby had developed enough by this point to see what we saw, or i may have been convinced to have a D&C- docotr was really pushing for it before we went away (its not unusual not to see anything this early).

i apparently found out i was pregnant at 3w4d (my first Hpt), and at my first u/s i was only 4w5d (no wonder they couldn't see anything) and only 5w5d at the one that i was told i had a blighted ovum and my baby was not there!

i thank God for my miriacle and have learnt that doctors aren't the definitive experts and they can easily overlook things- also they seem to be overly dependent on "averages and numbers"- don't forget its the relative not the absolute values of the Beta HcG that are important, don't let someone tell you that with levels that high they "should see something" its simply not true, if you're between 5 and 6 weeks, it doesn't matter how high your levels are, a fetus develops at a particular rate this early and it is not accellerated by high hormone levels.

Incidently my betas were
5w3d = 17, 300
5w5d = 28, 500- told at these levels should see "something" didn't even see yolk sack in TV ultrasound
6w2d = 64,000
6w4d = 74,000- saw fetal pole, yolk sack and HB

thankyou once again for your stories! and i pray that all those other worried women will take heart from my story and trust your instincts!

God Bless, Kath
"God will make a way, when there seems to be no way. He works in ways we cannot see, he will make a way in me"- one of my favourits songs at the moment- speaks to me on many levels

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Postby Kay » Thu Jun 12, 2008 11:50 pm

Oh Kath, such excellent news!!! I'm going to hazard a guess and say you are actually a week or two further along based on your hCGs and just because the vast majority of women misdiagnosed look one to two weeks behind due to the tilt of their uterus. Doesn't really matter though because that baby will arrive when he or she is ready.

I am so happy you did not have that D&C. These doctors drive me nuts. When I think of how many women do not know to question the diagnosis and how many have most likely had unintentional abortions, it bothers me so much. I really am glad you had a happy ending.
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This post is for informational purposes only. This information is not intended to replace information given by your physician but rather intended to supplement that information.
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Re: doctor doesn't always know best!

Postby katheli » Sat Nov 17, 2012 7:00 am

ive just had cause to return to this page after a friend has recently been diagnosed with a suscpected miscarriage- 6 w u/s no heartbeat.... the above story is mine- my Daughter Elianna is now a beautiful and healthy 3.5year old. and i thank God daily for my blessing.
i have since given birth to my son Jonathon who was born sleeping at 18 weeks about 18months ago, this experience has made me realise what a blessing these baby's are and i try to appreciate every day. i am now pregnant again (maybe4w1-3d) and i will take my lessons learnt seriously- trust my body, seek a second opinion if in doubt... and wait for my first U/s til im at least 8weeks
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Re: doctor doesn't always know best!

Postby miriamsablich » Tue Nov 20, 2012 11:17 am

Good Afternoon I came across this forum looking to see if anyone has gone threw what we are going threw to my surprise I thank God I found this. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby since August 2010 after a tubal reversal. I am 43 years old Needless to say we started to see a Fertility Dr. She first gave us the option of having and IUI which failed so we then went on to IVF. We started with BC pills to regulate my body to start preparing it for egg retrieval in Sept 14, 2012. We did what was called Lupron flare protocol. By September 28th I had the 6 egg retrieved 3 were fertilized. By the 3rd day Oct 1st 2012 I had the Egg transfer done. EDD was June 21st 2013. So now we waiting for the 2 week wait. By October 8 I took hpt and it was positive and October 12th they did my first beta and it was 115.5 My second beta was done that following Monday Oct 15 and it had doubled nicely to 274. After that the Dr never did another beta and told me to stop all medications and come back a month later for an ultrasound On November 8th 2012. November 8th came and we were excited and nervous to finally see the baby's heart beat. Well to our surprise my first ultrasound they didn't see anything she said I had what they call blighted ovum. At this time we were 7 weeks 6 according to the Egg retrieval date which that was the day they did the ICIS . Well right then and there the Dr order the pills so I could end the pregnancy and if that didn't work she wanted me to go 3 days later and have a DNC. Well after crying and being confused my husband and I spoke about not taking these pills that if its meant to be that I was losing it then let it happen naturally. Immediately that Thursday afternoon I called my OBGYN and asked for a second opinion because I wasn't comfortable with what they said they saw and what they wanted me to do. I started to pray and everyone and my church went into prayer mode. Yesterday they did my blood work but still yet I had to wait till today to get the results and do the ultrasound. Nervous and praying to God we were called in the room. I explained to the tech what had happen and she was very surprised. She then got my Lab work and looked at me and said there is no way your not pregnant with these numbers Beta is 21,000. Praise God. Well then she said well lets see what we see immediately we saw the yolk sack and she said what were they thinking? There is a baby in there. Not knowing what happened she said Your only measuring 5 weeks and 2 days so its right on target :)O< . We will schedule you for another ultrasound in one week or 2. My husband and I cried :*( of joy because we knew that God does miracles and they were wrong. I am happy that we made the decision we made to not take those pills and we got our second opinion. There is a God and he is real. He does listen to all prayers and it will always be in his time. God bless us all and lets continue to pray....BTW Our new EDD is July 16, 2013 I have another ultrasound to go to on November 29th to see the heart beat E> . I will keep everyone updated. :)
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