8 Weeks - No Yolk Sac, No Fetal Pole - hCG Levels approx. 36,000

8 Weeks - No Yolk Sac, No Fetal Pole - hCG Levels approx. 36,000

Postby ac29 » Wed Apr 12, 2017 2:45 pm

Hi All -
I'm at what I *think* is roughly 8 weeks pregnant. My LMP was Feb 9th, however it was my first period since removing my IUD and it was a very weird one. (started one day, stopped for 4 days, started again) So unsure of ovulation date. (My GP thinks I conceived around March 1st)
I discovered I was pregnant on March 9th. hCG levels were at 36 that day. At week 5 I started spotting brown blood. This lasted for almost two weeks, but has since stopped. I've gone in for an ultrasound four times since the bleed and the gas. sac has grown - it's currently at 11 mm, but they haven't see a yolk sac, fetal pole or heartbeat. hCG levels yesterday were at 36,ooo - which I've been told is within the normal range.
My doctors are telling me to be cautiously optimistic, but I'm terribly nervous I am going to lose the baby. Still have pregnancy symptoms - sore breasts, food aversions, bloating, nausea, the works.
Looking for some support and positive stories to keep my hopes up.

I should note that my mother went through something similar when she was 6 weeks. They told her she had an empty sac...and it wasn't until week 10 that she saw something.

Keeping my fingers crossed. Next appointment is 2 weeks away.
Will keep everyone posted.
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Re: 8 Weeks - No Yolk Sac, No Fetal Pole - hCG Levels approx. 36,000

Postby cynthia889 » Mon Apr 17, 2017 4:45 pm

I'm going through a very similar situation. My LMP was Feb. 11th but I did not find out I was pregnant until March 25th. I have had two ultrasounds that show gestational sac then a yolk sac but super nervous. I am sending some prayers your way and please keep us updated.
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