...my MIRACLE happened

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...my MIRACLE happened

Postby terryandrew » Fri Jan 09, 2015 4:41 am

When i needed all the faith and hope and support, i stumbled on this website and iwas truly inspired. I am grateful to God and to everyone here who posted here otherwise i probably wouldnt be here testifying of this amazing miracle.

So we lost our little girl Grace in November 2013... she was born asleep. For 1 whole year the family, marriage, health, home front suffered. So when i found out i was pregnant end of October this year...we were overhwhelmed. Just to give a bavkground story.... i work as a medical doctor so i was extra cautious. Lessthan 2 weeks after we found out we were pregnant...i noticed a small amount of brownish discharge....we got scared...early in the morning i went to see my GP (family physician). She was a fellow colleague so she understood the worry...she sent me to the early pregnancy clinic for an ultrasound scan
and it was scheduled later that week. Based on my period.. we calculated my dtes at 5 weeks and some

So i had a large fibroid...vision was obscured. No heartbeat seen. A repeat scan done a week later....still no heartbat seen. A third scan done a week and a half later....so now based on period dates i was almost 9weeks. No heatbeat seen.....fetal pole not changed since last scan, still 5mm for last 2 week. They showed me the scan: i couldnt see a heartbeat. The dreaded diagnosis:missed miscarriage. No more pregnancy symptoms, abdominal cramps, vaginal discharge...but my spirit refused to accept it.

I had this inner words saying...dont be afraid, just believe. I had no reason to but i decided to trust GOD. There were moments if doubt i would not lie but i felt that haven gone through what we had, if it wasnt Gods plan he would have to make things happen naturally himself cos i was not going to take any medication. Pls i dont want anyone to feel i am advicing against medical advice all i am saying is listen to ur self and if at all u have any doubt...get clarification. So i had an appointment with my obstetrician already booked for 2 weeks time and i decided that if anything was to happen begore i would accept it otherwise i would keep my appoi tment with him. It was an antenatal clinic yesterday and i asked God to take control.. i could barely seat down when he offered a scan. He couldnt see anything. He said he wanted his colleague , an early miscarriage specialist to scan me internally.

Lo and behold...,the words " there is definely a heartbeat" . I started crying and praising God. How is this possible... i saw all the previous scans myself and i am seei g this one....the fetal pole had grown to 6.9mm. There was a very obvious miracle. She said i was messuring 7 weeks. This is not medically possible...i shouuld know. I should be 10- 11 weeks. She said due he fibroid there was a push and i possibly ovulated late. She also tilted my cervix when scanning....even with that....this is nothing short of a miracle..if i hadnt stumbled on tnid website i wouldnt have believed that this could happen. I know now that truly nothing is impossible with God as thiscould not be explained by medicine

I have a repeat scan in 2 weeks and i am determined that i will come back to testify. I prayfor as many ladies going through the same fate that you will also receive your miracle...just believe
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Re: ...my MIRACLE happened

Postby Kay » Fri Jan 09, 2015 11:03 pm

First of all, I just have to say, I am so sorry for the loss of your dear Grace. I cannot even imagine. Huge hug for you.

Your story of your current pregnancy is simply amazing! Wow! Please, keep us updated. I am praying for you and that this little one just stay strong!
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