Janet's Story ~ Successful Pregnancy after Miscarriages

If you've had a miscarriage and have a story of hope (i.e. successful pregnancy or any blessing), we'd love to hear it.

Janet's Story ~ Successful Pregnancy after Miscarriages

Postby Kay » Sat Dec 22, 2012 8:09 am

My name is Janet, and I am a mother of 2 (and almost 3) children, here on earth. I have 3 babies in heaven. My story is not uncommon, but it has completely changed my life and deepened my faith.

I unexpectedly got pregnant with my son Owen in February 2007 when I was 25 years old - my husband and I were excited though it was a very uneventful pregnancy, I felt great while pregnant and had no fears of miscarriage since my mother and her sister had never had one. The delivery did not go so great but Owen was born fine. Actually, I had hired a doula for my delivery and went through the whole thing unmedicated (which was fine) but my son got stuck in the birth canal and I had to have an emergency c-section. It was a very long labor and I had been in transition unmedicated for over 8 hours (not nice to be 9 cm dilated that long) and my water had been broken for over 48 hours, so I was exhausted and disappointed when I had to have the c-section. After being discharged I started to not feel well and started to notice a red rash quickly spreading up my whole body - I had a massive infection and had to be readmitted to hospital - so I was basically in hospital for 2 weeks. After that I developed a very bad mastitis infection so it was a very hard start to becoming a mama! I developed anxiety after my son was born and had to be treated for PTSD with EMDR from a counsellor. I never slept for 5 months and then miraculously while I was nursing my son and praying I believe that God healed me instantly from my anxiety. It was incredibly amazing! After that I really started enjoying being Owen's mom.

We started trying for another baby in Fall 2008 when Owen was 1. We didn't get pregnant until April 2009 and were excited to finally get there. The pregnancy was going well but the first test was faint. I didn't think much of it since that happened with Owen. On my birthday when I was 6 weeks pregnant I had some spotting. I freaked out, but was told by the doctors that my numbers looked good and to wait a couple days for a transvaginal ultrasound. This is when I discovered this website and the support of so many other moms. Well the transvag ultrasound showed a sac with no baby. The doctors were actually very conservative and since my numbers were going off, just kept me coming back every week for ultrasounds. I was still bleeding though and cramping and that was not my normal for my other pregnancy. By 10 weeks my numbers were not good and sometimes I was gushing blood and they still could not see anything - so I finally decided to take misoprostol. It went ok, but I will always remember passing the sac and sometimes I still wonder - should I have taken it? It was so hard to lose that baby that we named Taylor.

I had one period, and then we tried again, and happily we had Theodore in March 2010! That went well except after he was born I had a friend who had a baby at the same time and her husband was away on a business trip and she was struggling and seeing things that weren't there - I helped her out and encouraged her to get counselling but some of the things she told me completely freaked me out and I started to get very anxious that the same thing could happen to me - so I went to my doctor and asked for a prescription for an antidepressant so I could prevent it. I was not feeling depressed but very anxious that I would be! I didn't want to start seeing things! Ofcourse in hindsight I wish I had taken a different approach. I was given the lowest dose (25 mg) of Zoloft and only took one pill. Theodore and I both had the worst reaction to it (he was nursing) that you could imagine. He screamed like a heroine baby and I believe I felt like I went to hell and back. My nervous system was shot. I have no idea why I couldn't listen to music, or have something like windshield wipers on, or leave the house. It was like I was a scared animal. I felt like my mind was raped. It is very rare (genetic) to have a reaction like that, and it took 2 weeks to not have to have someone with me at all times holding my hand and months of gradual recovery before I felt normal - I'm serious that it almost took a year. From one pill! It also did crazy things to my appetite, I'm a very active small person and I gained 30 pounds. My ears rang, I felt nauseated, I was dizzy and now that I have been away from the trauma for a few years I can't really remember why it was so awful but it was like I was watching myself and not in my body. I NEVER want to feel that way again. I was told that I can never take antidepressants which suits me! I kept begging God to heal me the way He did with my PTSD but it was a gradual process and it has made me a strong woman and God taught me a lot through it. I honestly feel like I could go through anything after that experience. My loss with miscarriage has been hard but it was a normal emotional experience and I have to say nothing compared to my reaction to that drug. I have so much empathy now for people who struggle with mental illness - I can't imagine feeling that way all the time.

One year ago I was a few days late for my period and thought I was pregnant over thanksgiving weekend. I planned on taking a test but then I got my period. It was a very heavy period and after it lasted for 2 weeks I took a test at work and it came back positive. I lost that baby before I even knew him or her and I named them Sammy.

My husband and I didn't try for a pregnancy, sorry if TMI but we started to have sex and then stopped because it was too hard and we didn't want to get pregnant before I got a period. Well I did get pregnant from that one time and after knowing for a week, we lost that baby too and my son named them Jesse. I started to miscarry at my parents house while we were over for supper and while we were driving home (it was around Christmas) the song by Judy Garland "Have yourself a merry little christmas" came on and I just cried. I honestly believe someday we will all be together in heaven and I can't wait to meet my babies! I was grateful that these two back-to-back miscarriages did not involve any medications and surgeries.

In January this year my OB ran some tests and it came up that my lupus test was borderline positive. I have struggled with Raynauld's syndrome since I was a teen but other than that I'm healthy. Also my progesterone was borderline. So my doctor prescribed me baby aspirin and prometrium to take for the first trimester. I got pregnant and didn't take as much medication as they wanted but this pregnancy has gone great! They have had to do additional ultrasounds because of the autoimmune disorder (some people have problems with not enough fluid and the placenta functioning with this) but I have never had any problems and the baby is perfectly healthy! It is another boy and we are going to name him Elliot which means "God is gracious" My middle son is Theodore which means "Gift from God". After losing my babies I know that the children I have to hold are incredible gifts.

I don't know if anything traumatic will happen this time - my c-section is in one week but I know I can trust that God will get me through anything. I don't tend to get depressed after my children are born, just anxious that I won't be able to handle it. It is fitting to have a baby December 27th with that being around Taylor's due date and around when I lost the 2 babies last year. I am sooooo excited and i hope that my story will encourage you - you can go through a lot and then heal and get through so much more. I have never been happier in my life and I can't wait to welcome into the world little Elliot James - just please keep it a secret for me - no one knows the name yet!

Thanks for reading my story and God bless,

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