Enlarged Yolk Sac?

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Enlarged Yolk Sac?

Postby SherryShaufelberger » Tue Aug 21, 2012 6:45 pm

We went last week for our first ultrasound after finding out we were pregnant. We were in the process of starting infertility treatments and I had blood work done and found out I was already pregnant. My first son was conceived with clomid and I figured that is what we would have to do again. The first ultra sound showed that I was 6 weeks and the heartrate was 103. The doctor was very optimistic and I was to go back in two weeks. I was not feeling good because of coming off of an anti anxiety medicine so she told me to come in this week to so we could look at the baby etc. She showed us the heart beat and said that it looked and sounded good(yes we got to hear it this time) and was 121 beats. She said that I was measuring today 6 weeks and 3 days which my nurse had told me since I had no idea when I ovulated becasue my periods are so irregular that this scan would give us a better idea how far along I was. So I was not alarmed and my doctor didn't say anything about it. At the end she said that the yolk sac was measuring larger than it should and said that a this point 95% of the pregnancies go on and at 8 weeks it goes to 98%.She had me really scared. Has anyone had good heart rate and good growth (the baby grew from .36 to .63, almost doubled) and an enlarged yolk sac and everything turn out ok? I go back in one week and I am driving myself crazy. Someone please help me!!! Thanks a bunch!
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