Miscarriage and Future Baby Gender Prediction Test

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Miscarriage and Future Baby Gender Prediction Test

Postby iva » Sun Jan 16, 2011 6:40 pm

I've been doing the pencil/needle/string gender prediction test for a long time, and it has ALWAYS been accurate for everyone I have done it on. Until today, I had no idea that a large circle is a miscarriage or abortion. See the following link if you have no idea what the pencil/needle/string gender prediction test is.


Anyway, I was recently informed that it is most likely I have a blighted ovum (7 weeks, 1 day and only a gestational sac, no tilted uterus, no way I got the dates wrong, I know the exact day of conception). Anyway, I've been devastated by the news. We are still waiting it out for a follow-up ultrasound and blood tests to be sure before deciding on what to do. I have been worried that choosing to use medical intervention (D&C or abortion meds) could affect future fertility, and have been wondering if I should just let nature take its course and hope that it comes out without complications.

I had long done the pencil/needle/string test on myself and it read a boy then a girl. I have a 2 1/2 year old boy now. So, upon hearing the blighted ovum news, I began to worry that the girl (and the last child I would have according to the test) was this blighted ovum. I came across the above website, which was the first that I heard a large circle means a miscarriage or abortion. I immediately did the test on myself twice, and BOTH times it was Large Circle, Boy, Large Circle, Girl. I had a miscarriage, then a boy who is now 2 1/2, and now this apparent blighted ovum will end in miscarriage. That leaves a girl still!

I wanted to share this finding with all of you, so that you might also find some hope in the future, and/or become to accept the current reality. Now, I realize this sounds like a bunch of hocus pocus. I am a research scientist, so how this "test" can be so accurate baffles my mind. I don't know if its science, or God giving us a fun way to see his fate, or both. Either way, I'm hanging on to it. Its my peace in the midst of this hell I'm going through.
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