Baby boy born in August after 2 blighted ovums

If you've had a miscarriage and have a story of hope (i.e. successful pregnancy or any blessing), we'd love to hear it.

Baby boy born in August after 2 blighted ovums

Postby kangadoocat » Sun Oct 17, 2010 5:46 pm

Hi All,
I had been ttc for a period of 4 years, during which time I conceived twice, but each pregnancy sadly ended in m/c due to being blighted ovums. I was so very sad and thought I would never get the baby I so much longed for. I remember that this site was a great source of support and hope for me when I was in the grip of despair, so this is my post to now offer hope to others!

I am delighted to be able to now post that I have a delightful 9 week old baby boy whom I absolutely adore and am hugley thankful for. For all those who are in the midst of a loss/losses don't give up. I have been there and the pain and fear is unimaginable to those who haven't had such a dreadful experience. It can be lonely, painful and terrifying, and such an experience will change you forever, but it makes success all the sweeter when it happens! I cherish my little boy and marvel every day at how lucky I am to have him. Keep trying and never give up hope.

I don't know if this made the difference, but with this pregnancy I took a baby asprin every day. It may have been responsible for my little boy making it, or it could just be coincidence...who knows. What I do know is that should I ever be lucky enough to fall pg again I will be straight on the asprin again just in case!!

Love and good luck to all,
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