Rainbow Baby after 7 Repeat Miscarriages! :)

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Rainbow Baby after 7 Repeat Miscarriages! :)

Postby Dani Ella » Tue Nov 07, 2017 7:20 am

Hope that this gives others reading this hope. :)

I posted under "Introduce Yourself" in 2013 about losing our 7th baby in 3 years. Baby lost his heartbeat and stopped growing.


Yesterday I just added a reply to that post....as I had never gone back to let you know that wasn't the end of my story, and that we now have a wonderful daughter (almost 2 & 1/2 now). She was my 8th pregnancy, and is our "Rainbow baby"!

Adding that part of our story here, under "After the miscarriage - Stories of Hope".

8 months after the miscarriage in the post (D&C on 2 January 2014 so we could get genetic testing which showed that we had a baby boy with Trisomy 16), I still wasn't pregnant. As we still had a "frosty", we decided to do a FET (frozen embryo transfer). We did this on a totally natural cycle. Unfortunately I ended up ovulating on a Wednesday, and we wouldn't be able to transfer on Saturday which is Shabbat. I thought the cycle would be cancelled, and we'd have to try again the following month. However, our FS decided to do the transfer (of our day 3 frozen embryo) on Sunday, which was 4 dpo (days past ovulation). I was a bit worried about this working, but we went ahead. From the day of transfer, I was put on Pregnyl (HCG) injections every 3 days (until 12 weeks if we got there this time), as well as nightly Clexane injections (blood thinner). I also went to a TCM doctor for acupuncture prior to pregnancy and during the first trimester, as well as herbs to prevent miscarriage she prescribed, which were specific to my case. In addition, the assistance of a fantastic Natural Fertility practitioner from Australia also was key, with the emphasis on 120 days preconception preparation, and in our case, to leave no stone unturned.

I ended up with implantatation bleeding 10 dpo (6 days past transfer). I was then put on progesterone and estradiol as well. And despite the transfer not being on the same day as the age of the embryo, I was pregnant! Pregnancy number 8! My Beta HCG's were even higher than the Trisomy 16 baby, in fact about double. I got terrible 24 hour morning sickness. At almost 6 weeks, I had a fall. I reported it to the doctor, who recommended I have an ultrasound. Again, I asked to wait until later, providing hormone levels continued to rise well, as not likely we'd even see a heartbeat yet, and wouldn't make any difference to the outcome. Hormone levels continued to skyrocket, and we waited.

At 8 weeks, I had an ultrasound, which showed 2 separate sacs and 2 babies (No wonder I had been feeling so sick and HCG was so high!). 1 sac had a baby the right size with a heartbeat. The other sac had a baby a bit bigger than our Trisomy 16 baby, but no heartbeat. I met with my doctor, who was very surprised, "But we only transferred one embryo!" (and the thought of our previous doctor echoed in my ears...."Fertilisation isn't your problem!"). Fraternal twins: 1 natural and one from a FET! We were overjoyed at the baby that was going so well, and sad about the baby that hadn't made it.

The pregnancy was LONNNGGGG and slow. My husband and I were nervous the whole way. Even after the ultrasound with a baby the appropriate size and a heartbeat. I had 24 hour nausea the entire 9 months. I had to just take 1 day at a time. I finished with the Pregnyl injectins at 12 weeks, as well as the estrogen, and tapered off the progesterone gradually. The next ultrasound at 12.5 weeks I had done at the private OBY/Gyn we'd previously seen. Everything was fine, with a very low risk of Downs. I had a very brief bleed at 15 weeks, which gave me a huge fright. I was afraid I'd lose the baby. We ended up seeing a well recommended high risk pregnancy doctor. She checked me, and all was fine. Cervix was as it should be etc, quick peak at the baby who was also fine. She put me back on progesterone to prevent preterm labour though. She said that we don't know if it will be necessary or not, but wouldn't hurt to be on it just in case after all we'd been through to get to this point. I was on progesterone until 32 weeks.

I remember counting the days and weeks. And we passed 24 weeks, when over 50% chance of survival if baby was born now... 25, 26,.27 weeks! 28, 29 weeks...now there was a much better chance. Doctor said that once we got to 30, and then 32 weeks, we had an excellent chance! Baby was active and a real acrobat. Didn't want to stay head down. Kept flipping, and then refused to go head down. Ended up doing an ECV at 39 weeks, which was very quick. I went walking and dancing afterwards, as no way I wanted baby to flip back over again.

Now that baby was head down, I was ready to meet baby face-to face. After waiting for this baby for so long, baby kept us waiting even longer! Baby was too comfortable and didn't want to come yet! So ironic, that after doing everything to prevent preterm labour, we were overdue! We passed baby's due date. 40 weeks, 41 weeks...still waiting. Monitoring every 3 days, and baby fine, not stressed and plenty of amniotic fluid still. Went into labour, but then it stopped when I tried to rest before it got worse. And then nothing.... Went into hospital for induction. Tried a balloon. Terrible back-to-back contractions, but after balloon was removed, nothing. Mucous plug fell out (again! Had previously fallen out in chunks and grown back!) Doctor tried prostaglandin, but it kept sticking to his fingers diue to the remains of the mucous plug . Finally inserted...only to fall out a few hours later as hadn't been in place after all! Tried again . Labour was progressing that night. But early hours of the morning, it fell out again. Labour ended up stopping again. In the end, had a C-section and welcomed our baby daughter at exactly 42 weeks in June 2015!

Along our journey, I remember my husband saying that he wasn't going to believe it was true until baby was born and was a month old! She is such a blessing, and we are so thankful for her! Our rainbow baby had finally arrived and was really here in our arms!
And she has been well worth the wait! She's almost 2.5 years old now, and she's healthy, active and happy! :)8
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Re: Rainbow Baby after 7 Repeat Miscarriages! :)

Postby Kay » Tue Nov 07, 2017 3:48 pm

Oh Dani, I remember you <3 I am just so happy for you and THRILLED that you came back to update. I am just so happy for you. I know I already said that but really, really mean it LOL

I am adding your story to the Misdiagnosed Stories page. I know you really weren't misdiagnosed but your story has such hope for women and you did have some scares during this pregnancy. I have no doubt it will be a comfort to many.

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This post is for informational purposes only. This information is not intended to replace information given by your physician but rather intended to supplement that information.
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