Waiting for MC ? (sac too big, fetal pole too small)

Waiting for MC ? (sac too big, fetal pole too small)

Postby julkat » Thu Sep 27, 2012 4:01 pm

hi ladies,
i'm new here, and i did read the rules, but i'm still not sure if this is an okay place to post. i apologize in advance if my post belongs elsewhere on this forum.

so, here's my story. according to lmp, i should be 7w4d pg. went for u/s at 6w/3d--no fetal pole seen, gestational sac measuring one week behind. this u/s was done by a new ob/gyn i had to see b/c old one is no longer covered by insurance. this guy had zero bedside manner, was very cold ("miscarriages happen all the time, you don't need to be so upset"), so i switched to a new doc.

was sent to perinatologist today for u/s (new ob doesn't do them in her office). fetal pole was measuring 6w2days, but gestational sac was too large and measuring at almost 8 weeks. i should have asked why exactly it was so bad that gestational sac was large, but i didn't have my wits about me. peri was so incredibly kind, but also said that given the discrepancies b/n fetal pole and ges. sac, she did not have confidence that this would be a viable pregnancy (said it had approx. a 5% chance of being successful). they thought they saw a heartbeat, but couldn't be sure. her rec was that i wait another week and come back for another ultrasound. as gutted as i was/am, i did appreciate her being straight with me--i'm typically a realist.

my darling new ob called me as i was driving home--she had spoken with the peri, and she wanted to touch base to see how i was holding up as she knew about my previous losses, and is just a really nice woman. i'm so mentally drained from this rollercoaster and the not sleeping b/c of anxiety and to have to keep waiting just makes me feel awful. i honestly feel so defeated and i can't believe i have to just wait. my last m/c took over 5 weeks to "resolve"--at which point doc finally gave me a d&c. my odds aren't good, i know this.

i don't even know what my point is in posting this......to vent/complain, i guess, and maybe to see if anyone out there has been through this. i don't expect a miracle, but i think even just connecting with somebody who has been through something similar would help. with my previous losses, there was more closure since the hearts stopped beating and it was just a matter of waiting for my body to expel everything.

sorry for the long and rambling post. if you made it to the end, i do appreciate you taking the time to read.

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