It's me, again! And anxious, as USUAL...

It's me, again! And anxious, as USUAL...

Postby Thistle » Sat Jul 26, 2008 10:23 pm

So I have made it to 18 weeks, 6 days! YAY!

I had EVERY SINGLE BLEEDIN' TEST in the world done up until last week, just to be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that everything is in fact OKAY.

Amnio showed no chromosomal or neural tube defects, and confirmed what I already knew: It's a girl!

And a busy one at that; at the nine week u/s, she was bouncing all over the place, so much so that the tech invited the other tech in to see it; they both said they'd never seen one move that much as that early stage. By 14 weeks, I was feeling regular movement.

I kept feeling movement for the next two and a half weeks. Then, over the last ten days or so?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I am not feeling so much as a bubble anymore, and trying really hard not to freak out about it.

This morning, there was some pink discharge to contend with. Also, the unsettling observation that my breasts -which were gargantuan a few days ago- have backed off about half a cup size. And furthermore... my uterus has not grown in the last two weeks. I know this, because I check my fundal height with a tape measure. My doc -who is actually no longer my doc, I found a new one on Friday and will be seeing him for the first time on Thursday- has NOT CHECKED fundal height on me even once since the 11 week visit (I see him every two weeks, high risk due to lupus and multiple losses).

There was a HB of 137 on Tuesday, when I saw the doc. That's down from where she usually is, between 149 and 160. But still, a HB, no worries mate, right?

Lastly, there is the fact that -as usual in my pregnancies- I have been fighting BV since the beginning. I'm currently on oral Clindamycin, which is basically nausea in a capsule.

Okay! That's it. That's all my anxiety and ridiculous neuroses for now. Thank you for letting me vent here; DH does NOT want to hear about it, and refuses to give my fears any footing. (We are only recently reconciled, after splitting up for over three months, so he's all anti-negativity, to the point where I want to stomp on his stupid man toes.)

HOLY CROW!!!! Even as I'm sitting here typing this, I am pretty sure I just felt a NUDGE!! The first nudge or twitch of any kind in over a week and a half!!

See? This place is a balm for what ails us.

Much love to everyone,

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Postby Timewilltell » Tue Jul 29, 2008 6:12 pm


I too would be a nervous wreck. I would try drinking some OJ, to test the baby. I really hope everything is okay, maybe that overactive baby just needs a rest. I would then go to craigslist, ebay, or a store and buy one of those dopplers so you can listen to the baby anytime you want. Hell, go buy one right now and return it after you hear the baby's heartbeat!!! We all here understand the anxiety, and I think whatever you can do to help with that is what you should do.
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