1 week heart beat next week no heart beat..:

1 week heart beat next week no heart beat..:

Postby Jlove1716 » Sun Mar 26, 2017 5:17 pm

I spotted a week after went to the ER I was feeling depress,anxious I download zocDoc made a random appointment with a gyn I never met. The tech did an US for me and she was quiet the whole time. I said is there anything wrong she said idk you would have to speak to the doctor. Have a seat in the waiting room she said, 5 mins later, another tech is taking my blood test then tells me go straight to the doctor office. He look at me and said hi how you doing your results of the ultrasounds shows no heartbeat I stumble n said what .... could she do it again ? He said no if there's no heartbeat now I guarantee you it won't be one now, or next week.. then he started give me options d&c or taking the pills.. i said no I'm not ready I don't believe it's true I rather wait he said go ahead . He was very laid back even made a joke, I wanted to curse at him but it wasn't worth it... my last Lmp was Jan 14 of its matters but the u:s says I'm 7 weeks.... idk what to do i don't have no pain no bleeding I just feel sad empty & lost
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