Waiting for 3rd loss to come

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Waiting for 3rd loss to come

Postby CourtKay » Mon Aug 29, 2016 7:32 pm

First loss- BFP at 4 weeks - M/C happened at 12 weeks in May 2010 (diagnosis- pseudo pregnancy at 11 weeks)
Second loss- BFP at 7 weeks - Ectopic in fallopian tube diagnosed at 8 weeks- treated with methotrexate Sept 2015
LMP- 6/15/16 (irregular cycles)
Pretty sure ovulation occurred around- 7/7/16
Faint positive test 7/18/16
Period was due 7/22/16
Tested every day that week and the BFP got darker each day.
here are my HCG levels from each blood test I had plus dates of ultrasounds~
7/22/16 HCG 117
7/25/16 ~ HCG 554
7/29/16 ~ First ultrasound (to ensure it was in the correct place- it was in my uterus! Measured 5 weeks she thought)
8/1/16 ~ HCG 4329 (after this one my dr said things seemed to be progressing perfectly no more bloodwork needed)....
8/9/16 ~ Second ultrasound showed new development sac had grown and there was now a yolk sac inside no concerns raised (she thought it seemed to be around 6 weeks)
8/23/16 ~ Third ultrasound (assuming 8 weeks?) sac had grown again, and there was now a fetal pole in place but no heartbeat found- sent for bloodwork and told I will possibly miscarry
8/23/16~ HCG 26587
8/25/16~ HCG 24025

8/26/16 nurse called to tell me I will for sure miscarry 100% because of the drop in HCG. I opted to miscarry naturally, and now I'm wondering how freaking long this is going to take?! I don't want to put my life on hold for a month waiting and I am so upset everytime I have a symptom I think oh cool my dead fetus is making me sick its so morbid. I am scheduled to get more blood work 9/1/16.
Ive been grieving this baby for 3 days now. I'm so heartbroken. I totally lost hope but now I'm wondering if shes wrong and there could be a 1 in a million chance that things are okay. UGH. IF I am going to miscarry I just want it out and over with..
I haven't even had ANY spotting this pregnancy. Everything seemed to be going wonderfully, ive been terribly ill with very sore boobs etc etc. Why is this happening to me again!? :sos :() :*(
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Re: Waiting for 3rd loss to come

Postby CourtKay » Thu Sep 01, 2016 2:47 am

It still hasn't started. I guess they are only giving me one week from tomorrow to miscarry naturally to avoid infection. Curious to find out what my hcg is after tomorrows blood work.
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