Need hope, slow gestational sack growth.

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Need hope, slow gestational sack growth.

Postby Hopedust » Sun Apr 17, 2016 6:38 am

I have been stalking this site for ages and whatever the outcome of my pregnancy, this site has given me comfort and hope. Here's my story.

I had a missed miscarriage in Dec 2016 and got pregnant again in Feb, so was over the moon, as I'm 39 years old and worried that time is running out.

My LMP was 20/02/16. I got a positive on home pregnancy test on 23/03/16 . I have been spotting ever so slightly but mainly during bowel movement. Concerned I went to my doctor, who sent me for an early scan where I would be 6 weeks pregnant. I also have a tilted uterus.

The scan (01/04/16) revealed a gestational sack 11mm and yolk sack. At this point they said not to worry and re- booked me for another scan in two weeks time.

During that time my DH and I decided that we would have this pregnancy monitored privately. So 5 days later (06/04/16) I had another scan by a gynecologist. She could only see a gestational sack which had grew to 12.1mm but no yolk sack!! there was a white dot inside the sack, she said she did not know what that was and diagnosed me with a missed miscarriage.

I went for my second scan with the NHS praying for a miracle. I showed them the private scan, she said that the white dot is the yolk sack. During the scan the yolk sack was present!!! I could not believe how the gynecologist had got it wrong. However the gestational sack only grew to 18mm and no fetal pole seen. I would be about 8 weeks then. I was diagnosed with a delayed miscarriage. Given options to terminate or wait for another two weeks. I opted to wait another two weeks and go for another scan.

I am distraught that this can be happening again but do not trust the scans!! I do not have a lot of pregnancy symptoms with this pregnancy but still hoping that I have been misdiagnosed due to tilted uterus or late ovulation or implantation. I have had no blood tests done, so will ask doctor to check HCG levels. This is the longest two weeks of my life.........
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