After the Miscarriage - Menstrual Cycle Return?

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After the Miscarriage - Menstrual Cycle Return?

Postby maybebaby99107 » Sat Feb 07, 2015 3:43 pm

I'm confused about how my body will likely react to being pregnant, and then not. I never actually missed a period... which, once I found out I was pregnant (I know my conception date), seemed like it might indicate a problem with hormones in my body. I'm curious to know if my body will stick to it's "31 day" cycle, and after I'm done bleeding now (it started on Feb 4), I'll likely start my period on February 14? Or, if a miscarriage serves as a "reset". The latter seems to be the more logical expectation, but I'm just not sure, and in my sadness, it wasn't something I thought to ask my doctor.

Anyhow... my cycle has been so routine - November 14, 2014, period. December 14, 2014, period. January 14, 2015, period. Then, on January 27, abnormal spotting, mid cycle, prompted me to take a remaining pregnancy test, which was positive. The last week has been a heartbreaking whirlwind of surprise (I wasn't "trying" so much as we weren't trying "not to"), and excitement, to concern and then deep sadness. This is not my first miscarriage.

The first was when I was about 22... and I never even knew I was pregnant until I suddenly wasn't through a sudden onset of contractions and blood, and ultimately, what I recognized as a placenta. I was sad and concerned, but relieved. This time... I'm deeply sad, as I have been wanting a child and wondering if my previous miscarriage was an indicator of future fertility issues. Now isn't a "good" time for us, although we both want children together. I'm hypothyroid, and though I'm treated, I'm wondering if that played a role in my miscarriage. Or, if it is because, not realizing I was pregnant after starting my period, I ran (I'm out of shape, so I was really pushing myself). Or, three days prior to the spotting and positive test, I took 600 mg of ibuprofen. I wish I'd have known. I'm so heartbroken and eager to try again... but I don't think he's on the same page just yet. He didn't freak out, he would have been happy either way... but... I just don't know. Time will tell... one day at a time.

Anyhow... thanks for letting me vent. I am really just curious about my menstrual cycle? Is the 4th possibly a mark for a new cycle? Or will my body need time to figure itself out?
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Re: After the Miscarriage - Menstrual Cycle Return?

Postby MamaBee » Sun Feb 08, 2015 6:12 pm

I think it's really hard to know. Since it was an early miscarriage that resolved itself rather quickly I think there is a very good chance that your cycle will return soon. Maybe not on the exact normal date- maybe a reset like you put it. Or you may get a month or two as a rest.

The perfect time for a baby is not always what we think it is. Though it seems like pregnancy is usually easier in your earlier years. Healing wishes!
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Re: After the Miscarriage - Menstrual Cycle Return?

Postby kathleenbrewer » Thu Mar 05, 2015 5:25 am

I hope that now you will take of your self and manage your menstrual dates so that it doesn't happen again. Now, your menstrual cycle have been started then you can menstrual cups during your menstruation, by consulting your doctor, so that you are comfortable. You can check menstrual cups from here.
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