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Briefly about my pregnancy history

1. Miscarriage in less than 7 weeks
2. Premature birth due to placenta previa
3. Miscarriage in 7 weeks
4. Miscarriage in 8 weeks
5. Now in the process of miscarrying, LMP 9.5 weeks but baby growth only 6.5 weeks

Every miscarriage, I have turned to this board to find a ray of hope.

Today, I am in a position to offer a ray of hope, not because I gave birth to a baby but because I had another yet another miscarriage.

This time, it was too much to take and I spent countless number of hours on the internet and I accidentally stumbled upon a crazy ad - which said if I forget where I left my car keys or if I feel tired to make a cup of coffee or if I have had recurrent miscarriages then I need to take this "magic" medicine. By this point, I was willing to research on "any"thing regarding miscarriage.

Surprised by the coincidence that I had all of these 3 symptoms, and with eagerness to know what could these mean in combination with each other, I put in a google search listing all my relevant and irrelevant symptoms and all the results pointed to HYPOTHYROIDISM.

Initially I brushed it aside since I had had my annual physical 2 months back and my TSH was "supposed" to be normal. But because of my fatigue, joint pain, thinning hair, weight gain and RECURRENT MISCARRIAGE I decided to look further into it and the more I read, the more I knew.

The ideal range that our physicians look for are .5 to 5, while actually the IDEAL maximum should only be a 3, better if lower. Most physicians will not be willing to treat this but we need to push or change doctors or see an endocrinologist. Mine was at 4.77,way beyond the actual ideal.

Furthermore, although the reason is not known to us yet, there is yet another strange coincidence - most of the placenta previ moms who were checked for thyroid, had their levels greater than 3.

That says why I had one premature birth due to placenta previa(very thankfully, he is now an amazing 7 year old) and 4 miscarriages. Only if I had been treated earlier, I would have had a much bigger family and much better quality of life through these years (my first miscarriage was 10 years back and at that time my TSH was 4.2)

It is pathetic that I had to learn this at the cost of my baby's life. I do not want more mothers to lose their babies and learn this or to never of this fact.

Before TTC, we need to check the thyroid levels and make sure they are at the optimal level. If not, it is as easy as prescription meds and some dietary changes. Wonder why the doctors wouldn't take this seriously. Meds and diet change -any mother wanting a baby would willingly do this rather than go through the pains of losing the pregnancy.
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