so tired of emotional Rollercoaster. ..hating the waiting

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so tired of emotional Rollercoaster. ..hating the waiting

Postby jen25 » Sat May 17, 2014 10:26 pm

The emotional ups and downs that go along with this are the worst. One minute I'm sure I'm miscarrying, the next I'm positive I'm still pregnant. A coworker of mine told me she dreamed of me holding my baby, how I hope that is a premonition! !
I feel all alone in this, which is why I'm laying in bed writing this to the only people I feel will understand.
I look pregnant (possibly 9.5 weeks along) since this would be my 3rd pregnancy if it's viable... I have the cutest little belly popping out n it seems to be growing as well. I have aversion to pretty much all kinds of food, and though most of my m/s has gone (which it did in both previous pgs), I still need time to lay still after waking and eating bc I feel very sick.
I really want this baby, I feel like a part of me is just fading away. It's so hard to put on a smile each day and be strong for my kids. I want my happiness back. :*(
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Re: so tired of emotional Rollercoaster. ..hating the waiting

Postby Annaya » Sat May 24, 2014 6:14 pm

Jen25 what happened? Keen to know since my dates are similar to yours as well. Hate this sitting in bed late at night trying read in between the lines with serious food aversions and sickness. My two little ones are probably feeling my stress too :(
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