High hcg numbers/growing but empty sac

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High hcg numbers/growing but empty sac

Postby Candlesdanielle » Fri Aug 16, 2013 2:22 pm

My doctor says I have an ectopic pregnancy With a pseudo-sac most likely and feels that I should discontinue the pregnancy. Is there still hope? Last menstrual period started June 23. Ultrasound on 8/8/13 was An empty sack. 8/13/13 ultrasound showed a growing but still empty sack.
Saturday the 10th my numbers were 9700. Blood draw numbers from 8/13/13 were 19,000. I want to have hope and remain optimistic until my ultrasound on 8/19/19 (i will be 8 weeks since LMP)But I also don't want to be foolish. I can't tell by all the success stories on the blog how far along these empty sacks are in comparison to the hCG numbers.
I don't have any cramping, bleeding or Fevers. I also have not had any notable findings in my tubes to confirm the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy. I have also read about tilted uterus but that has not been mentioned to me at any of my three ultrasound so I do not believe that is a factor. My OB is humoring me but feels that there is no hope. Any feedback would be appreciated :-)
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