Help and advice.. Very confused!

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Help and advice.. Very confused!

Postby Livia » Sat Jul 13, 2013 2:24 pm

i am looking for some advice, im sorry if this is really long but i need help.
i had a pre term baby in feb, i was 20 wks +3 days, she was only with us 2 an half hrs, i was heartbroken.
i thought i wasn't going to be able to conceive very quickly as my periods were unregular, i found out i was 6 weeks preg around 3 weeks ago when i was having a scan at my check up in hospital, i went on holiday to greece and 2 days in started spotting, i didn't worry as i had bled a little the last few months but when it became heavy and clotty i went to the hospital, they thought i had lost it at first until they scanned me everything was fine and they thought it may be a polyp on my cervix that was creating a mass of tissue and causing the bleed.
i was put on bed rest along with progesterone, antibiotics and magnesium, for 8 days in the hospital, they scanned my everyday and i saw the heartbeat (around 160) everyday. the bleeding had died down and gone brown. they said i could go back to uk as i had an apt with my midwife 2 days later.
after the plane journey this saturday gone i was very worried and had pains in my legs and back, i called my hospital and explained everything but they told me there was nothing they could do and just to see my midwife on monday. when i saw her she was horrified that i hadn't gone to the hospital and arranged an emergency ultrasound scan for the next day, she also told me she thought i may have been having twins and that was the mass on my cervix.
that night i started to bleed and clot again so i went straight to the hospital, the doctor told me she thought i had a twin too, she used a speculum and removed the mass of dead tissue, they did not scan me but did an internal and felt my belly and said i had no signs of miscarriage. she arrange an earlier emergency scan for me earlier for the next day.
that night i had really bad cramps like period and lost quite a lot of blood i checked what i was loosing all night but did not see anything unusual other than clots.
the next day i went for the scan, i had thought it would be an ultrasound like the first scan was but when i looked at the letter it was an internal scan, i had drank loads of water so as i was waiting i kept going to the toilet and emptying my bladder, i told the midwife what i had done when i went in for the scan but she said would be ok, she then told me that she was struggling to see a pregnancy but could see signs of pregnancy around my cervix. i mentioned the twin thing and she said its highly unlikely.
i then saw a doctor who told me she thought it was a molar pregnancy, she used the speculum and tried internally to get the mass but no luck so a senior doctor came and tried, she told me she thought it was a twin. by this point i was so confused, they gave me a tablet (misoprostal) to get rid of the tissue, i was in loads of pain and passed something nearly the size of my hand that i believe to be the fetus, they took it away and said it was not a viable fetus. i came home later that day.
that was 4 days ago i am still feeling pregnancy symptoms, bleeding like a period and a dull period like pain.
i don't know if im being stupid but i cant get my head round it, could i still be pregnant? i know it just me wishful thinking but i keep thinking that the tablet maybe cleared the cervix. i just cant work out if there was two things why i have only passed one.
if anyone has any information or advice it will be greatly appreciated as im driving myself round the bend
thanks xxx
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Re: Help and advice.. Very confused!

Postby Kay » Sat Jul 13, 2013 9:33 pm

First of all, let me just say, I am so sorry to hear of your loss and now this. Hard to say what is happening but you should have another scan to verify that everything is out and that there isn't another baby in there. Hopefully you'll get your answer. (((hugs))) to you.
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