Trusting in God...who is in the business of miracles!

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Trusting in God...who is in the business of miracles!

Postby blessed1 » Tue Nov 01, 2011 3:11 pm

Hello, Ladies. I am new here. My story in summary: after 6+ years with an IUD, my DH and I were finally on the same page, absolutely believing the Lord wills for us to have another child (we have 2). I had my IUD removed, 5 weeks later had my first period in 6 years. 4.5 weeks after that, I got a positive HPT! Praise the Lord! Well, at what I thought was 6 weeks gestation, I began having brown spotting which lasted a week. Yesterday, a midwife at my clinic had me come in for a transvaginal u/s, and thinking I was 7 weeks at this point, we had hoped to see something. But gest. sac, nothing but really dark blood on the u/s wand. They didn't do any blood work or anything, but sent me home to wait things out, telling me that I probably had a chemical pregnancy or that I'm off on dates. So. Here I wait (upon the LORD!), and of course I'm wondering if anyone has had anything like this happen, and how it all worked out? The midwife pretty much left it on a note of me planning on m/c. My mommy instinct tells me otherwise because of how the Lord has spoken so many things into this pregnancy already.

I absolutely believe in the sovreignty of the one true God, so trust His plan is for my (our) good and His glory, no matter how this all plays out! That being said, I covet and ask for your prayers. May the Lord's Will be done. :H
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Re: Trusting in God...who is in the business of miracles!

Postby Yalen » Wed Dec 07, 2011 12:21 pm

I'm sorry I just read your post for the first time. I wish I could have been here for you earlier. Would you mind giving us an update? Praying for you...

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