9 weeks, no hb, still waiting for blood results, no m/c symp

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9 weeks, no hb, still waiting for blood results, no m/c symp

Postby jenlimoge » Sun Jul 03, 2011 10:44 am

at my 6(?) week visit, I had an US. They saw nothing, just the gestational sac. No yolk, no embryo, no fetal pole.... nothing. Dr said we should see something in 4 to 5 weeks, then scheduled me for another US in 3 weeks. At that visit, we saw a beautiful fetus, arm buds, leg buds, but no heartbeat. Thety did not offer an internal US, no HCG testing, NOTHING< they just said it was over. I was devastated. I had no symptoms of miscarriage.

I demanded a second opinion. Two days later I was back in for HCG titering. I go again in another two days for a comparative HCG titer, it has been 4 days since I received my "diagnosis" that my baby is not viable. I have had no cramping, bleeding, spotting, I am still tired, my breasts still hurt. The only difference is that I am not urinating as much and I am sad most of the time. Checking for blood everytime I use the restroom.

I refuse to give up hope. It's not over till they can prove to me it's over.

I was perimenopausal and I am 37years old. Periods irregular, etc. The dates could be wrong and at the estimated age of my baby, one week can make a huge difference. AND an ultrasound tech who follows protocol. Still, no symptoms of miscarriage. Please pray, this may be my last hope of having another child with my new spouse. He has children, I have children, we, together have no children. May God's will be done.
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