So confused and hate the waiting game

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So confused and hate the waiting game

Postby Chard90 » Sat Feb 04, 2017 5:06 pm


At the moment I'm waiting in a scan, but have been so worried and nervous as I so want this baby to be healthy.

So this is what's happened so far. My LMP was on the 16th December, as normal. My next was due on the 17th January. It arrived on time but lasted 10 days compared to the usual 5. It was so bad Ive never experienced a period like that before! I had pains down to my knees and in my back. On the 10th day I phoned the doctor and they told me to take a pregnancy test. Sent the hubby out to get one and did it expecting it to be negative. But it came up positive. I phoned doctor back and due to the time they send me to hospital. After blood tests and an internal examination they confirmed it was a misscarriage. So shocked and upset as I had only that day found out I was even pregnant!

They gave me paracetamol for the pain and sent me home with a US for 4 days time to confirm everything was over with. I went along and to my suprise I was told there is a baby at 5wks4days. No heart beat seen but sizes add up to dates so everything is fine. In the shock I didn't ask questions which I should have. They booked me in for another scan which is in 3 days now. It's been a long 2 week wait! :(

Now as it gets closer I'm getting more anxious as I have no idea what to expect. I've had no bleeding since the evening in hospital! I should be around 7wks when I go in.

I don't even know how I'm feeling, my hubby doesn't seem too bothered and when I talk about it he says to try and forget about it for now. So hard to do when it's happening inside you :( I think he's trying not to get his hopes up but I think I already have. I've got a 6 year old boy who will make such a loving big brother!!

Will keep updated as and when.
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