Poor scan results - IVF Pregnancy

Poor scan results - IVF Pregnancy

Postby Krysta74 » Tue Sep 29, 2015 9:10 pm

Hi everyone, I posted under the Blighted Ovum section but am wondering if I should have posted here...

My story is as follows:- I am 41years old and am apparently pregnant with IVF, although I am beginning to doubt viability.

LMP 16/08/15, Ovulation 29/08/15, 5 day hatching blasto transfer 03/09, faint +HPT detected at 6dp5dt on 09/09/15.

HCG: 14/09=224, 24/09=6367, 27/09=11345, 28/09=14527, final blood test done this morning - results due this afternoon.

So I had some brown clotting (quite minor) over the weekend and on Monday at 6w2d I had a transvaginal ultrasound. A gestational sac measuring 9mm was found, but was completely empty. No yolk sac or fetal pole were detected. The radiologist said the sac was measuring at 5w5d which my IVF clinic said was 'incorrect, and this doesn't look good for you.' I do not have a tilted uterus but I do have a fibroid in close proximity to the gestational sac.

The IVF clinic suggested a repeat ultrasound on Monday (1 week later) and then discuss D&C. I refused. I have scheduled a repeat for 16/10 as at least that way i should get a definitive answer. Plus, seeing that empty sac nearly broke my heart last time, and I am not keen to see it again. The radiologist recommended repeat scanning in 3 weeks as according to him I am only 5w5d and "viability was too early to determine."

Is there any hope for me? Is 9mm small for a gestational sac at 6w2d, as there really isn't much room for dates to be wrong with IVF?

I have had hardly any pregnancy symptoms, but what I did have (bloating, pelvic stretching aches, hunger and frequent peeing) have all subsided. I never had any breast tenderness or morning sickness.

I would welcome any comments, good or bad. Thank you.

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Re: Poor scan results - IVF Pregnancy

Postby Pugglemama7 » Fri Oct 23, 2015 6:31 pm

I am going through the early scanning stages following a confirmed pregnancy via IVF (FET) and I don't have much help to offer because I'm in "limbo" myself. 3 scans which have all showed growth have not pleased my doctors. I am measuring behind as well but my hcg numbers are coming back great.

I've consistently measured behind but shown growth and no yolk sac was visible until today. I should be 7w1d but I'm measuring only 6w0.

Do you have any updates? Hoping you got positive news.
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