Numbers all wrong. Is there any hope?

Numbers all wrong. Is there any hope?

Postby kdmalk » Sat Jan 17, 2015 7:45 pm

In october we went to our first prenatal appointment at 7+6. The baby measured 6+1 but had a heartbeat. We could see it, but she couldn't pull it up. I knew something wasn't right after I had a few betas done at work (I work at a hospital) so I went back in at 8+5 and we found that the baby was still the same size and no heartbeat. We were crushed and I had a d&c a week later, after I had already started bleeding. That was Nov. 4.

My doctor told us to wait one cycle and try again as soon as I had a natural period. That came Dec. 9. After a loss, I was obsessed with getting pregnant again, so I was temping, using opks, etc. I ended up ovulating on cd20, so baby is a bit behind where I would be based on lmp. I did get a super faintly positive (couldn't see pink until it was nearly dry) test at 9dpo (dollar store test). It took me until 14dpo to get a positive digital. That had me worrying about my beta again, but everyone said not to worry. I had a teeny, tiny bit of brown spotting (only when I wiped) at 11dpo, but didn't really put much thought into it, as it is "normal" if it is brown. At 18dpo, I had a little bit of red spotting, so I called the doctor. She started me on a progesterone pill (more to get me to shut up, I think) and ran my labs. Beta came back at 20 and progesterone at 3! She upped me to 3 progesterone pills a day and has me coming in next week for follow-up labs.

Obviously my beta has just sat solidly around 20 for a week. Now that I am supplementing the progesterone, it's not suddenly possible for the baby to just pick up where it left off, is it? I can't imagine that the baby could just "pause" for a week and then start growing again and everything be fine. She said, "we want to give it every chance we can." But she knows it is too late.

This can't possibly end well, can it?
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Re: Numbers all wrong. Is there any hope?

Postby Kay » Sun Jan 18, 2015 10:03 am

First of all (((hugs))) I am so sorry for your loss a couple months ago and now to have to go through this scare. That progesterone is really low and so are the hCGs. Progesterone supplements can really help if progesterone is the reason behind the low numbers but, if it just a symptom, it'll just prolong a miscarriage. I know, confusing! I think giving this pregnancy every chance you can is a good thing. Let's see what those next levels show. (((hugs))) and praying for you.
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