Starting Progesterone @ 11Wks

Starting Progesterone @ 11Wks

Postby Samantha84 » Sat Aug 08, 2009 1:57 pm

On Monday I am 12 weeks pregnant. At 4 weeks pregnant my progesterone level was up around 30 and I was seeing and RE. At 6 weeks we saw a heartbeat on ultrasound. Then at 8 weeks we saw another one at 180 beats per minute. Then at 10w4d we found the HB on doppler at the RE also at 180bpm. We've had 3 losses and this is our first pregnancy since my septum resection in March and I've never had a baby develop past 6 weeks and never saw or heard a heartbeat.

Last Monday (11 Weeks) I had my prenatal bloodwork done at my regular OB. They called Wednesday and said my progesterone was on the low end 12.9 so they put me on 200mg Prometrium orally at night time. I was on it for my last pregnancy but that was a blight ovum.

I was paniced by this and went and met with the nurse practitioner the next day. She explained that had I not had a history of M/C they wouldn't even perscribe the supplement but I'm on the low end and it won't hurt anything obviously. She also explained that some people have no problems carrying to term w/low levels. Originally they were going to have me take it until 13 weeks but my next appointment is the 28th and she said I could keep taking it until then which I'll be just shy of 15 weeks.

Has anyone heard of anything like this happening? I've never heard of being put on supplements this late. And we've had a good pregnancy so far with everything happening as it should. I've had no spotting or cramping and we have a doppler at home and I find the HB daily at 180 bpm. We also heard it when I saw the Nurse Practitioner.

I know that these are all reassuring things but the fact that my progesterone dropped so much is a little worrying even though everything else is fine. Just curious if anyone has heard of this before. She also said it might just be that the placenta hasn't fully kicked in yet.

I was so excited to reach the 12 week mark....and then this happened. But I'm staying very hopeful. I haven't found anything on the internet and figure that you all might be the best to come to for support/understanding.

Thanks in advance and I apologize for this being so long!
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Postby shastep » Sat Aug 08, 2009 9:03 pm

I was on it till 16wks. I know a lady that starts it at 16wks for pre term labor prevention. I also have a friend who is 19wks preg and her prog was 7.9 even on prog. I swore she would m\c and she did not. I would worry just as you are, but follow your heart and trust in your docs. Please let me know how your appt goes.
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Postby Samantha84 » Sun Aug 09, 2009 10:38 am

Thanks. So far everything feels fine so I'm taking that as a good sign and trying my best to stay relativley sane.
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Postby WillsTLC » Sun Aug 16, 2009 5:57 pm

I think everything sounds fine. Something you have to remember is when the placenta takes over progesterone production, then they can never get a true reading of progesterone, as it stays mostly in placenta in uterus.

When your body is making progesterone at beginning of pregnancy, it is a hormone that is detected by checking thru lab work, but somewhere around 10-12 weeks the placenta starts taking over and making most of the progesterone. That is why normally most women stop taking oral/vaginal around 12-16 weeks.

It sounds to me like your body is transitioning to placenta doing most the work, and the oral supplement is a good idea, but I think you will be fine!

Relax, relax, relax, stress only messes with your hormones. I know its hard to do, but you are already about a third of the way, and the most crucial part is almost under your belt. I will be thinking about you!
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