Does prog suppositories increase blood test levels?

Does prog suppositories increase blood test levels?

Postby DeanP » Sat Jun 20, 2009 2:11 pm

Does anyone know how quick the Crinone 8% (90 mg / once daily) shows effects of improvement in progesterone levels? My lovely wife had only started the suppositories the day before when this last blood draw was taken.

I have read where some doctor theorized that since the progesterone suppository is absorbed directly into the uterus, any bloodwork you have done to check your progesterone will not reflect much of an increase in the level. That's because not much of it enters your bloodstream when you take it vaginally. Does anyone else know if this is true?

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Postby shastep » Sat Jun 20, 2009 8:02 pm

I found your answer! WOOHOO!!!!

Different Forms of HRT: Prochieve (formerly Crinone)
(natural progesterone vaginal gel)

A natural form of progesterone, the vaginal gel has one major benefit: Because it is applied through your vagina and goes to your uterus, the progesterone is absorbed right where you need it most.

Prochieve, currently the only natural progesterone bio-adhesive gel on the market, was introduced in 1998, then using the brand name Crinone. It comes in two different formulations -- 8%, which is used for infertility treatments, and 4% which is used for HRT. The 4% gel delivers 45 mgs. of progesterone into your system in a sustained release. The major plus of this method: Because the progesterone goes directly from the vagina to the target organ, the uterus, you don’t get high blood levels of progesterone. . . which means that you get the benefits of progesterone without the side effects. Furthermore, when you take progesterone in pill form, about 95% of it is metabolized and eliminated from your system -- which is why you often need a high dosage. The vaginal gel form, though, is more bioavailable -- that is, it is able to be used by your system more easily, and isn’t metabolized. So you don’t need as high a dosage -- again, cutting back on side effects. Studies conducted by the pharmaceutical company showed that the majority of women didn’t have side effects normally associated with progestins -- and even had fewer than women taking natural micronized progesterone.

I left you the link and pasted the main info here, I highlighted the important part. Please know that this site is not really about preg and ttc but the same rules apply. Progesterone is used a lot in menopause and other issues. Just disregard the info that does not apply to your question. I left the link so you would know the info was real, I really hope that you disregard the rest of that other info.
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Postby april1979 » Mon Jun 22, 2009 12:33 pm

I do not know the answer to this...but I can tell you that the method that your wife is getting is supposed to be the most efficient.
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